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Princessjules had her baby! Julia posted her birth story #7!!

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 Julia's mom here ...


She had her baby boy last night! He was 9lbs, 4oz, 21" long, born at 10:13 on 9/10/11.


Julia did beautifully. Her hubby did okay, too ; )


She's resting at home for at least the next week, so she said she'd post her birth story later.


Congrats to all the other new mammas and encouraging vibes to all the mammas waiting!

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Congrats to the whole family! love.gif

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Congratulations to all!

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Thanks everyone! Ok so here is the Birth Story:


Saturday morning I woke up with light but consistent contractions, since that had been happening for the last couple of days i tried not to get too excited, BUT they kept getting stronger so I took a walk but still tried not to pay too much attention to them. After our walk I had a decent amount of bloody show. I called the MW to give her a heads up but wanted to stay home for as long as I could. DH and I payed cards and read and overall had a relaxing midday/early afternoon. At 2:30 I felt a gush of fluid come out and called the MW again to let her know and that we were on our way! I was so excited but still did not want to believe that this was it!

We got to the MW's place at 3:45 and she checked me and I was dialated to  5cm but she said the gush I felt wasn't my bag of waters breaking. (I thought that was weird.. it seemed like so much fluid!) We went for a couple more walks, got something to eat, and hung out for a while. she checked me again and I was still at 5cm with a bulging bag of water so at about 7pm we broke my water and I immediately dialated to 7cm! I got into the tub before the next contraction and the hot water felt so good and helped me relax for a little while. The contractions started to get really intense for me ( the MW didn't tell me this at the time but I had gone back down to 5 cm in the tub because of the intensity of the contractions) I couldn't relax anymore and I couldn't move around too much in the tub   so I got out and got on the labor ball which did nothing for me either. At about 8 the MW suggested Finnigrin (sp?) to help me relax between contractions, I didn't want to take medication but I knew I couldn't go all night with the transition type contractions I was having. It really helped having my mom there to help me with those decisions since she had been in labor before and knew what I was going through. Anyway I opted for the Finnigrin and it took effect at about 8:30. I was able to pretty much go to sleep between contractions it seemed to take the edge off of them (although it didn't seem like that at the time) I kept feeling the urge to push and knew I had to be close and at 945 the MW checked again and he was at the +3 station! I couldn't believe I had made that much progress in such little time! FINALLY I was able to push! The baby's heart rate kept going down to 60bpm and didn't have time to recover because my contractions were so close together so I could only push through every other contraction. I think that was the hardest part of the whole labor!! Thankfully his heart rate never got lower then 60 bpm and always went back up to normal as long as I panted through every other contraction and after 30 minutes of pushing Jesse Shay came into the world! It was the most INTENSE experience of my life but I am so proud of myself for vaginally delivering a 9lb 4oz baby into the world!! I have heard that labor can be the most empowering experience a woman can go through and now I know that to be true! I did have a 3rd degree tear that needed stitches but I am thankful it was only one and I didn't need an episiotomy.

I also feel that I need to give another heartfelt congrats and way to go to the other mamas who have already had their babies (esp first timers like me) and huge good labor vibes to whomever has not had their babies yet!

Thanks again for the congrats!


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Beautiful!  You both look amazing... enjoy your babymoon.  :)

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Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy!

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Aw.  Congrats mama!  Enjoy your baby.

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Welcome to motherhood! Enjoy your bubble of babymoon time!

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