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Festival dates?

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I know there was an old thread that discussed this, but I did a search and couldn't find it. Is there a link or something to find the dates for Waldorf festivals each year? Like when is Michaelmas this year? Or is it the same year to year?


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I'm thinking it's the same...September 29th..




But I can't say for certain. I haven't seen our school calendar for this year.

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I just use the festival books to remember for me.
Michaelmas is September 29
Guy Fawkes night is November 5
Martinmas is November 11

Here's the books we use for ideas and reminders :
Festivals, Family and Food
All Year Round
The Childrens Year

HTH smile.gif
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Copied from a post I made in a previous thread:


21 Sept Equinox
29 Sept Michaelmas (celebrated long ago on 11 Oct, I think?)
31 Oct Hallowe'en
1 Nov All Saints
2 Nov All Souls (we celebrate it as Ancestor Day..tell stories, get out old albums)
5 Nov Guy Fawkes (this is just because of my Englishness and a good excuse to buy sparklers when the kids can actually stay up to use them [silly day to have a National Holiday involving fireworks, is 4 July!])
11 Nov Martinmas (which used to be the beginning of Advent when that was 6 weeks long like Lent)
*Advent 1 (as in the First Sunday of Advent)
1 Dec Advent (as in 25-day calendar countdown)
6 Dec St Nicholas
13 Dec St. Lucia
21 Dec Solstice
24 Dec Christmas Eve
25 Dec-5 Jan Christmas
5 Jan 12th Night
6 Jan Epiphany
2 Feb Candlemas/Imbolc/St. Brigid
14 Feb St. Valentine
* Lunar New Year
* Shrove Tuesday & Ash Wednesday
* Mothering Sunday (4th Sunday in Lent)
* 6 weeks of Lent
17 Mar St. Patrick
21 Mar Equinox
* Holy Week & Easter
22 April Earth Day
1 May May Day/Beltane
* Ascension Day (Rogation Days on the three preceeding days)
* Whitsun Day (Pentecost)
21 June Equinox
24 June St. John's Day

1 Aug Lammas Day

Phew. The starred ones are moveable dates, but I plopped them in where they mostly go. Most of these holidays, with a description and a date, can be found on your friend, Wiki.  Also, these are just the ones that we as a family celebrate in one way or another, so it's not really an 'official' Waldorf list, just what I see on my homeschool calendar.


We also do several others yearly, but those are more Christian (Saints days and major Feasts and Fasts) and not so much Waldorf-specific.

Hope that helps you, OP.

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perfect! thank you!

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