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Question about Etsy

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I've had an account there for years. Now I'm going to list some stuff there to sell. Should I make a new account for that purpose or should I just use the one I already have? I don't want to call the store "My random username"




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I dont think you are allowed to change your username there, so if you dont have a lot of feedback and history with that name, I would change it if you wanted something new. best of luck!

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I agree, if you plan on selling stuff you might want to make a new email account as well as a new etsy account. It's just easier to keep your selling emails and information separate from your personal email (to me, anyway!). You could use that email to create a new account with whatever you want to name your shop!


Good luck!

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GREAT! I have only had my Etsy for a couple of months and it is turning out to be very lucrative, more so thatn I thought it would be. I would advise getting a new account if the username is kind of strange or not relating to your store or products. I made the mistake of not checking to see if the username can be changed and now my store has kind of a silly title but I use it anyway and wish I hadnt. So good luck to you and post your etsy site when you get it up and running!

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you might look into if it can be changed now they changed the rules and many shops and shoppers have done so.

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