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nursing in bed

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So this seems silly, especially on my third baby, but i can't manage to get the hang of other nursing positions, especially laying down. When my five month old wants to nurse, i get out of bed and go nurse on the couch..silly i know, but where i am most comfortable. Does anyone else do this? More importantly, does anyone have any advice on how to nurse laying in bed, or any other bed friendly, sleep friendly positions? I feel like my small boobs are part of my problem, they are not easy to work with along with the bit of belly that i haven't yet gotten rid of put him at a bad angle that results in his nose into my boob, and i also can't get a comfortable latch.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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I would lay down on my side with my arm that was on the bed extended at an angle over my head and baby, and I would usually feed off the boob closest to the bed, but sometimes the other too.  It was DDs favorite position, and when she'd wake up in the middle of the night to nurse, I would just pull up my bra and get her latched and go back to sleep, and so would she when she was done :)

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You might be able to try this: Lying on your side tuck your knees up almost like fetal position, prop your baby on your knees and nurse the breast not closest to the  bed with the baby propped by your knees & against your belly. He will be semi sitting up, but it might work!


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My daughter sleeps in a sidecarred crib. I have a "husband pillow" that allows me to sit up in bed. When she wants to nurse I prop myself up with that pillow, and then I can just reach out and get her, and when she is done put her back in her crib. I can sort of doze a little, but not sleep. (I haven't gotten the hang of side-lying nursing either... plus we have a small bed and there is limited real estate... but maybe I will figure it out at some point.) I am still awake for this process, but at least I don't have to get out of bed.

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We just have a double too, i think that contributes to the problem because i worry about having him on the outside of the bed, and restricts my positioning, and dh is a crazy sleeper, i don't trust having the babe next to him.
That alternate laying down position sounds interesting, i will have to try it! Maybe i just need to invest on a good pillow to use to get comfier in bed.
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