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Detox while breastfeeding?

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I've been trying to look up safe detoxing all day. Mostly I see people saying "No, it's not safe to detox while you're breastfeeding because the toxins you're flushing crossover into the breastmilk" but I also found a couple of people who said, "No, it doesn't cross over into the breastmilk."
Now, another thing that I saw come up was not drinking detox tea (which is actually what I'm interested in) because certain herbs can decrease milk supply and the baby may not get enough nutrients from you because you're flushing them out.
What I'm wondering is if anybody knows if it's okay if you're not solely breastfeeding. My son is a year-old, he eats other food and so I'm not his main source of nutrition. Also, if the toxins are already in your body, aren't they already affecting your child?

Thank you so much for any responses! (:

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I've heard also best not to detox with teas, would cause GI upset in kiddo. There are some greens type preparations that are considered safe or maybe even a juice fast. 

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How much solids is your LO eating? I agree with the idea that the toxins in your body are already affecting your child. DD has had tummy issues on and off and I know they are due to my tummy issues/body toxins. I have done a lot of work "healing the gut" so to speak but haven't done a detox, also unsure of the safety. She is only 7.5 months though, so her solid intake is quite limited. If your LO is eating a fair amount of solids and drinking water, I think you could do a (short term) juice fast/detox without much issue at all (an any short term issue would probably be worth it in the long run!). I am planning to do some sort of fast or detox about the time that DD turns 1, assuming she's into solids by that time.



My need for a detox is bad enough that I have considered another possibility - I have a great frozen storage of milk. I could feed her saved milk from a cup for 48-72 hours if I need to, KWIM? Best of luck getting some answers!

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DS eats breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus sometimes snacks and he breastfeeds about 6-8 times in a 24 hour period.
I'll look into a juice cleanse or something along those lines. Thank you both (:

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Your body sequesters toxins in stored fat tissue. When you detox, you mobilize those toxins and they are no longer sequestered. Personally, I wouldn't deliberately detox while nursing. Since you have stored toxins in your fat already and these are being mobilized for milk production, you're already detoxing in a way. If you deliberately detox, you're increasing that toxin load for your baby. I would wait.

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