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OMG! He is such a FREAK!

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We are still waiting for our Custody/Support hearing, which should be on the 26th. We have a Pre-Trial for the Divorce on the 23rd, but Attorney might be changing it. Not sure.


The kids have been with me since last October. He's been seeing them every Weds and EOW. A couple weeks ago he decides he wants 50/50. Thus the attorney and court dates.


Last night he drops on me that he wants to start 50/50. Him Mon, Tues. Then me, Weds Thur. Then we alternate EOW. "No more than 5 days without seeing either parent". Umm that's messed up math. They'd be home every Sunday night to "visit" with me. He dropped them off at 7p, bedtime is 8:30p. That is NOT visitation. Mind you, his girlfriend doesn't work on Mondays so Sunday is their "Friday". He goes out to party on Sunday nights.


I told him I disagreed with disrupting them right now. We have court in a couple weeks. Keep them the way they are until a judge says otherwise. He's already stopped paying me CS. Why disrupt them?! He's that confident he will win 50/50.


Already in the Weds and weekend he had them, he forgot to pack the diabetic son his lunch. He left his homework at his dads. My daughter left her book for school and was hysterical last night. He left the little ones sleeping bag at his house that she needs for school. He didn't give our son his insulin at breakfast Sat and Sun which is against the Drs orders. He's just a mess.


He said we are still legally married and therefore he is still entitled to them 50% of the time. WTF, but is that what's best for THEM after all this time?! Damn! He has just lost his mind!! I'm STILL waiting for my attorney to call me back to let me know what to do.


This is such a mess and I don't know why he is being such a douche about all of this. He can't possibly have any idea what his actions are doing to his kids. Or he just doesn't care.

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I hope you are documenting all those incidences!  Not giving your son insulin is a very major thing!   IMHO, I would keep the current schedule until there is a court order to change it.  


Hopefully, your attorney has some good advice for you.  

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My attorney said keep it the same until court. If he wants to change it, he needs to go to court to change it.


I'm meeting with her Weds to write the motion for Custody/Support which will happen ASAP. She will reschedule the Pre-Trial for the divorce.


Even though we have no formal order for our current schedule, it's been in place since October and he needs to honor it. He set a precedent and now needs a court order to change it.


Yes, I've been writing everything in a journal.

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You should be fine.... Hugs mama.

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He's right.  In the abscence of a court order, he doesn't have to return them.  I would consult with your attorney.  And be sure that you pick them up after school every day before he does.  He can't stop you just like you can't stop him. 

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I hope that everything works out for you. ITA...forgetting to give the insulin, or pack a diabetic a lunch potenitally a very serious thing. I am sure with these happenings everything will remain the same. Plus, it can be confusing to kids to be all over the place like that. I am sure the judge will take that into consideration too.

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