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We chose a midwife!

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I think, haha! 99% there. I'd say that things are all "a go" for our first home birth!


Any advice on wording/what to say to the other midwives we interviewed that we're not going with them? I always hate this part, but they all asked to let them know either way. 

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I would just be honest and tell them straight up.  You just found someone that you connected with.  If you like them even thought you did not connect, tell them that you will pass their info along to any other expecting mothers.  Congrats on your choice!  One hurdle over!

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Yeah, just tell them thank you for their time and you've found the midwife you'll be working with.  No midwife should be offended, only happy you found the best fit!!  As a doula if someone doesn't hire me it probably was not a fit for me either, honestly!!  So it always works out!  

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I don't know why quoting isn't working, but I agree with the PPs.  They should be understanding.  Don't worry about hurting their feelings.


PS, we found our Midwives today too.  We actually only interviewed one, I pretty much already knew I wanted to use them.  The interview was just to see if we "clicked", but I kinda knew we would.  :)

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I still need to call my midwife! I have been so busy or sick that it seems to have been forgotten! Pretty sure she doesn't do the first prenatal til 12 weeks though so I have a couple of weeks anyway I guess! I really need to call her though! Only bad part is that she lives about 30 mins away and it will be harder to drive that distance each week toward the end with two kids in tow now... But she is worth it and I am hoping one of her apprentices will be my primary this time!
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We met our midwives today too! They are really sweet and even my husband, who was very skeptical about home birth in general, feels excited about it now. When we left he was like wow this is going to be great. Yay! joy.gif

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