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17-month old with second case of balanitis, questions

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Wow, I haven't posted in this forum for a while. Here's what's going on:


Both DS are intact, never had a problem with DS1. DS2 (17 months) just had his 2nd case of balanitis (foreskin infection) in five months. The ped was great - says DS's foreskin is tight which would encourage bacterial growth, suggested we NOT consider circ unless he continues having infections, then we can look into it. He also suggested we could prevent future infections by applying a topical antibacterial (such as Bacitracin) at the first sign of incipient infections.


Questions: If DS continues having infections, are there any non-circ procedures that will relieve foreskin tightness? What factors might be causing him to have multiple infections? I'm thinking of switching exclusively to disposable diapers; until now we've been mostly cloth.


Any advice would be appreciated. I'm happy with the ped's reaction (that was a big relief, since I wasn't sure where he stood on the issue). Just looking to prevent future issues. Thanks.

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Some questions.

During bath time/diaper changes do you wash genitals with soap?
Have you tried stripping your cloth diapers?
What indications of infection are you seeing ie redness, discharge etc?

Have you read this thread http://www.mothering.com/discussions/showthread.php?t=764732
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HI - thanks for your reply! Re: bath time - I don't actually wash the kids except once in a while. I definitely don't wash his penis or retract him or anything. The only soap I use is a very mild bubble bath, one like California Baby, and not every bath time. I have stripped my diapers more than once, and I have a great washer/dryer that washes on extra hot, and I do extra rinses every time and use very little soap. 


The signs of infection are obvious - it starts with a swelling (usually lumpy-looking) , then if you peek down through the foreskin, it's red and inflamed. Last time this happened he developed discharge (obviously bacterial - it was green, foul-smelling and just plain icky) and we took him to the hospital because it was 10 p.m. and he also had a low-grade fever. He currently has the same symptoms minus the discharge; I took him to the ped yesterday because I *didn't* want to end up at a clinic or in the ER and get him cathed again (the ped was unhappy that the hosp did that; I'm very excited about the ped's reactions honestly. Great guy.).


I haven't started him on oral abx yet; I'm trying the topical. It may be working - the infection doesn't look any worse and in fact I think it looks a little better. Fingers crossed!


I'll definitely check out that link .t

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Okay, yes, I have read that link before.


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When ds had his bacterial infection it was my fault because I changed his diaper and let him play with his penis after being outside and I didnt wash his hands first. He must have scratched himself and let the germs in because it was a horrible infection.

He had oral abx and topical bacatracin and was much better in 12 hours and back to normal in 72 hours.

I am not sure what might be happening with your ds but is it possible he is scratching himself when he is exploring allowing germs to enter? Also some boys when they start the separation process will get infections at that time due to the raw area's between glans and foreskin so maybe that is happening.

I would follow the Dr's advice and apply the bacatracin when you see anything unusual going on. Hopefully you wont have to deal with it again after this though. I wish I could be more helpful.
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