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fussy nursing

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my dd is 4 1/2 months. Since she hit 4 months she has begun to be very fussy while eating. She complains vocally, squirms and pulls off and cries. Not all the time, but frequently and always nights at bedtime. (I know milk is slower/less at that time...but she is often like that mid-morning too!)

She is not gassy - then or later. Somebody suggested growth spurt but the fussiness seems just while feeding, and she isn't wanting to eat more often. I thought maybe her teeth are starting to move and that it is uncomfortable to suck? She is chewing on things a lot, and I think that could explain some of it but not sure why that would be a problem only sometimes. 

Maybe she is frustrated that the milk is not flowing as fast as she wants and she is just more able to express herself now? I even wondered if maybe she does that primarily when she is tired - sort of complaining and resisting going to sleep...(as I type she has just calmed and drifted off after some intense fussiness!)

I try changing positions and she always eventually settles (say at night when we are going to bed) but no pattern I can see.

It is frustrating to see her so agitated and fussy while nursing - I try to just stay calm and maybe it is just one of those things, but every once and a while I feel like "what is going on??" and I want to check with people to see if anybody had similar experiences. DD is happy, growing well, I just wonder about this. Any thoughts??

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My son (5 months) goes through that stage every so often. Usually during a growth spurt!

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how long does it last? She has been doing this behaviour pretty constantly for several weeks. 

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