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Reverse cycling, maybe?

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My son is only 5 months, is it possible for him to be reverse cycling? He seems to not want to nurse through the day, but he is attached most of the night. It's not a huge problem because we bedshare so I still get a good amount of sleep, it's just...odd. I thought reverse cycling is more common in older babies, and babies whose mothers work outside the home.

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Around 4-5 months there is often a shift in nursing and sleeping habits - sleeping less at night and being more distracted during the day.  It's a normal developmental stage, and does pass!


Here is a kellymom article about it:http://www.kellymom.com/parenting/sleep/4mo-sleep.html


and some more that may help too:







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You may be causing him to nurse less in the day without realizing it. You may be going more places or be more busy and put off breastfeeding. If you offer more in the day or try to watch for more cues that he might be willing to nurse during the day then he may nurse less at night.

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