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Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! joy.gif


Hope you get answers soon!

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Wow, I was just thinking we could have our first DDC baby any day now. Congratulations Karli! I hope Corbin is doing well and makes it out of the NICU soon.
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Wow! So exciting! I'm glad it was pretty quick. Congratulations to you and your new family!!


I hope everything works out for you and little Corbin. Whatever the results, I'm sure he's absolutely perfect. Can't wait to hear more!

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Holy cow! Congrats, Karli and family! I hope Corbin is in your arms by now.

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Congratulations Karli! I hope you, Dh, and baby Corbin are all snuggled up nicely by now!

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Congratulations!! Welcome Corbin!! 

This really makes me feel the need to get my butt in gear and get those last few things on my 'must do' list done!!

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WELCOME!! You champ! My thoughts are with Corbin in the NICU.

Originally Posted by Trinket90


I hope everything works out for you and little Corbin. Whatever the results, I'm sure he's absolutely perfect. Can't wait to hear more!



Glad this happened at home and not at your shower!

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Congratulations! love.gif


DDCC to say that we do have a DS mama in Sept DDC -- her name is Activealli. There is also Mama2hencoop in the July DDC.  Just wanted to let you know in case you want to get in touch with them. thumb.gif



Originally Posted by livacreature View Post

Congratulations to your family!  I hope he is out of the NICU and in your arms soon!  thumb.gif  Way to go, mama!  Can't wait to see pics of Corbin.  I know in the September DDC there is a woman whose son has Downs, they found out before he was born.  I haven't personally talked to her, but it might be a connection if the test comes back that he has DS.  


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Congrats Karli, and welcome Corbin!  Hope you are all well.

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Welcome, sweet Corbin and congratulations to you, mama. Wishing you well.

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Wow! Welcome, Corbin! It sounds like you couldn't wait to come out!


Congratulations, Karli. I'll add my voice to the chorus withing for him to be in your arms soon.

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Congrats and welcome to the world Corbin!! 

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Welcome, Corbin! Congratulations, Karli and Ernesto! heartbeat.gif


Karli, that is definitely a lot to process. Hopefully you will have answers soon, and lots of time to snuggle with your baby. Hang in there.

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Dang Karli, you're tough!   And didn't you know that Corbin wouldn't wait, after all his thrashing?   Congratulations on your beautiful babe with the kickass name!

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Way to go Karli!!!!

Hope all is well and we look forward to more info. Please take care!


Welcome to the world Corbin!


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Congratulations, Karli!  Welcome to the world, Corbin!




Glad you made it home from the shower before he made his appearance.  I hope he is out of the NICU & that you have some answers soon.

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congrats! Hang in there and take care of yourselfstillheart.gif

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Congratulations! I hope you are snuggling your baby now, love the name. 

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Yay, our first DDC birth!  Welcome, Corbin!  Karli, it sounds like you were a trooper and I hope that you're able to process everything.  Keep us updated as you're able!joy.gif

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A picture to hold you over until I can type out his very entertaining birth story (includes explosions)!


He's still in the NICU, but his glucose is WAY better and he's latching now that I'm using the nipple shield. Progress!

Also, procrastinators - GET ON IT! I am now officially done with work, even though I left behind three weeks of unfinished projects. Oops. Also, DH was SUPPOSED to be I'n the middle of remote Alaska but was never able to fly in - THANK GOODNESS.
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