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which diapers/covers combo for toddler and newborn?

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Hi all,

I have an 18 month old dd who has been in prefolds then sposies for a bit. We got rid ofall our prefolds as I felt they weren't flexible enough. Right now we have three Little Beetle little to big wool covers (6 lbs to like 40 lbs??) I'd like to get flats and more one size covers (preferrably wool?) I'd like the flats if possible to be "one size" based on how they're folded...is that possible? Is there a size that can work on my 3T wearing tot and a newborn? I'd like to be able tojust grab a diaper and cover and put it on either one. I'm in Canada...if it matters for shipping. And money is a factor but i'll pay a bit more if it'll last longer. we may have another baby in the future. Can flats be used at night? dd never handled cloth of any kind at night...

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I love flats and use them for days and nights.  I started using my Medium Green Mountain Diaper flats on ds at 3 months, and they still have plenty of growing room at 16 months at 23 lbs (as in, the waist could go around a kiddo 6" chubbier though the middle).

I use mainly wool covers, longies, shorties, and wraps, and all work well over a snappied flat.

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the only sized flats I see are usually 27 by 27 is that big enough?


I was thinking of goign with either sweet pea one size diaper covers or rumparooz one size diaper covers. My tot is around 35 lbs now...not too chunky but not skinny...anyone have experience with these brands? on a toddler?


-ok, I think I'm sold on the sweet pea covers.Great reviews, canadian (which I am, but can now get them in the US toohttp://allaboutclothdiapers.com/a-sweet-diaper-cover-from-sweetpea-diapers/  ) Now I need to know, on a tight budget, will I get away with just these covers (plus the three little to big little beetle merino wool 8-35lbs ish, plus two small bummis polar fleece covers 8-13 lbs) and a bunch of flats? How many flats? do I *need* liners or doublers or what have you? Esp for night time? dd1 will likely stay in sposies at night for now, but would love both kids in cloth for the least expense and least change time.I know, a lot to ask... and we will do laundry 2 times a week at the least, we do live third floor of an apartment building with laundry at the bottom so...

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disappointed by the lack of response, but after careful research and review reading, here is what my stash will be


4 sweet pea one-size covers (will order a couple more if I like them)

60 birdseye cotton flats

12ish mircofibre doublers

6 or so hemp doublers (will put more of both on our registry if we like them)

1 kawaii goodnight heavy wetter one size dipe

1bum genius one size dipe


already have:

3 little beetle one size merino wool covers

2 bummis polar fleece covers 8-13lbs

1 pair wool nb-3 longies


we couldn't afford more 1 size..tbh i'd probably do all BG if we could, but I knew we needed a really absorbent night time diaper if I want to lose the sposies, so i figured I'd try a few and ask for more of what we like.


I will try to update this thread about what I liked for others in similar positions.

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