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How do you manage? Organizing time.

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I live out in the woods. About 1/2 hour from anywhere. :)


On days that we have soccer (and soon Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts) I have a hard time organizing my time efficiently.


The bus drops them off at 4p. Soccer is 5-6:30-ish. We have to get ready to go. My son is a diabetic, so we need a snack since it's too early for dinner before we leave.


By the time we get home at 7:30p I've got to make dinner, do homework, do showers, do lunches, coffee, set out clothes for the next day, take my own shower, do reading with them, by the time I'm ready to sit down it's 10p and I'm wiped out.


I'm out of the routine of SAHMing and the Fall activities!!

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I have just started making and prepping meals on Sundays.. so we can reheat or easy make some options. Like sunday I made Sloppy Joes in the crock pot... and LO mein. We can eat those thru the week. Monday I was home so I made Italian beef so I am taking that to share with a newly single mom friend tonight to share dinner together.  So far this has worked out great. ( week one btw) I would make the meal during the day and reheat it at night if you are home all day while they are at school than when you get home you can be ready to go.

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I never seem to have enough time and mine are still little and not involved with a bunch of stuff yet.  We tend to by busy still.  I find making lists and putting things on calendars helps.  Though sometimes I get behind with updating them as well! lol

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I have about 3 calendars going right now to try and see which system works better!! LOL


Yes, the key is remembering to update the calendars. I am a notorious note writer. The problem is remembering to check the notes!! Ay yi yi!!

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I keep telling myself I will "get in the grove" by next week.  It is hard with all they do and all the stuff I have to keep up with!

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Make dinner super simple:

soup and grilled cheese sandwiches

pancakes (I LOVE Batter Blaster for quick pancakes)

I freeze leftover pizza from Dominos and toss the slices in the oven at 350 for about 8 minutes

 Frozen burritos (put them in the oven and do other stuff while they are cooking, better than microwave)

frozen ravioli or tortellini, cooks in about three minutes, toss garlic bread in the oven when you put the water on to boil, put sauce on the hot pasta and you don't have to heat the sauce. 

scrambled eggs with cheese and bagels.


Most of these ideas are easy on the clean up too. 


I also get all DD's clothes picked out for the week and ironed on the weekend.  I hang them in my closet with socks, tights, etc on the shelf.  Then they are easy to put out the night before.  Takes one minute. 


Can you prep lunch stuff?  Prebag chips, grapes, cookies so all you have to do is make the sandwiches and put it in the lunchbox?  Or some days, instead of sandwiches, send cheese and crackers.  You could have the cheese already cut up and the crackers bagged.


I know all this prep steals time from the weekend, but such are our lives.


What are the kids doing during the drive?  Can they take lapdesks and do some homework in the car?   Or you say you do reading with them, is this them reading to you?  Can that be done in the car?

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I love these ideas for preparing ahead and multitasking....and I hear what is being said about "getting in the grove" soon....this single parenting is such hard work, and I feel like I am out of practice after this summer.  It is homework that is starting to get to me....but I keep thinking it will get better.  Or, I will get more used to it.  Or, something :)

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