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South Burlington VT Playgroups

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Hey All!


Was hoping to attend the playgroup at Jaycee park this week but there was no one there this morning, and no one has returned my calls from the last week or two.  I'm assuming it's cancelled, or maybe hasn't started yet?


We don't drive, we live on Williston road, and I'm looking for something nearby that I can bring my almost One-and-a-half year old to via little red wagon.  I could bus to something nearby too.  We're halfway through our second pregnancy, so I don't hike too far from home in case I start to feel crummy.


I've only been to the library's story time once and had a hard time dealing with some of the gossiping that occurred while we were there.  It wasn't ALL of the mommies by any stretch, but they were very vocal and it made me uncomfortable.  I may give that another try and just hang out with the parents who don't think it's cool to trash-talk high-needs-babies and their parents when they're absent from the group.  It's hard for me to keep my mouth shut when that sort of thing is going on. 


**sigh** Why does this feel like high-school all over again?!


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I know you put this up a while ago but our kids are about the same age so if you ever want to try for a playdate pm me
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Hey mamas! I know this is an old post but I live in South Burlington with my 15 month old daughter and we are always looking for playgroups!

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