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Would really like some input...or maybe not!

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Ok- I am looking for some hope about this and I am sure to get soem things I don't want to read but please be honest.


here is my info: rough pg, lots of ms etc, bm mucus started around 6 weeks and growth slowed too. She gained great the first month and then slowed way down. Not to dangerous levels but enough to make me panicky. I cut out all major allergens religiously out of my diet with no result. her stools became normal around 6-7 months but she has continued to have a slight contact diaper rash. At 10 months I developed IC Interstitial Cystitis. Horrible chronic illness. I am going to an amazing Chinese Med doc who believes it is an illness beginning with damaged gut (Pill, Abx etc) Anyway I now believe there is some connection between my health and the baby.


Anyway- I am beyond overwhelmed with my dietary restrictions right now. basically a yeast diet with a million other things because of my bladder pain. dd's dr (A Homeopath and MD) gave her a constitutional remedy and a probiotic and advise me to do an elim diet with her. I   just   can't    right     now..... I am so overwhelmed with pain, fear and my own restrictions which wouldn't always correspond with hers.


She is still low low on growth charts. About 18 lbs at 18 mos.  Her height is better. She has steadily gained but just not alot.  her only other issue is the diaper rash which I am assuming is yeast.


Anyway- this is probably so unclear but I guess what i wish is that I could just   feed   the   baby.  My family eats a very above average healthy diet and very low sugar. I have been restricting my diet for a year and a half almost it is so hard. I don't give the baby dairy or a lot of gluten but I wish I could just stop worrying.


sorry so jumbled. any advice?



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So are you off of anything now or not?  What are your DD's issues?  If she isn't having issues, why would you do and elimination diet for her?  I guess I am confused.

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Sorry- her issues are low weight gain and this rash. I am on a diet of meat, a few veg's, small amount of rice and potato, butter and olive oil.


I am worried that she has leaky gut/ food intolerance mostly because of her weight gain. My disease is caused by gut imbalance/leaky gut so I am so so scared to pass on this ill health to my sweet baby. 

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She's on a probiotic, right?  What more would you have to cut but the butter from your diet to fit hers?  

Are you being advised on your diet cause that doesn't sound healthy for anything long term.  I can see if you are trying it out but not sustainable.  


As for passing on your issues, that time has passed.  I know that your leaky gut issues impact what is getting through your milk but really, what more can you do?  Are you on a good probiotic too?  If she isn't "off" the charts yet, I would do what you have to do to take care of YOU because if you aren't healthy, there is nothing you are going to be able to do for her.   Have you considered environmental issues causing the rash?  That's entirely possible as well.

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I have an expert  as far diet goes. She specializes in my illness. I don't mean I will be passing it on, i mean that I HAVE . I want to do everything I can to heal her gut so she doesn't develop chronic illness. I am not worried about the breastmilk at this point it is her diet that I am worried about for her.


I guess I just can't be clear

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I will admit that I am off in my understanding :) I am 38 weeks pregnant and just not processing things!


I would just try to feed her as healthy as you have been.  You can't force it, ya know?  Kids eat what they want/like.  Expose her to everything you (comfortably) can.  At a year, breastmilk is where MOST of her nutrition is coming from so as I said, you being healthy is of the greatest importance!  


Sounds like you are doing everything you can!  I would keep up the good work.  Maybe look at environmental factors for the rash as it sounds like you and she are eating pretty cleanly.  As I said, besides the butter, I can't see anything that sticks out.  I know some kids do react to things on your list.  IF you were to consider switching out anything, I would talk to whoever you are dealing with for your health issues and see if switching out is a possibility. 

Hang in there!

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If you suspect her nappy rash is thrush have you tried treating it with a topical thrush cream? Sorry if you've already done this, I just thought I'd ask as you didn't mention it.

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Do you think a yeast rash has to do with food intolerance/allergy? I did put some adult fungal stuff on it a while ago and it didn't do anything. I also tried a good herbal antifungal so maybe it isn't yeast.


Can there be a rash that doesn't have anything to do with allergy? We are no longer using cloth because that made it worse. It only gets worse if I don't catch a bm right after she does it but I htink ithas been worse when she has had dairy. It just seems like a contact rash but somehwo connected with what is in the poop.


Sorry if I sound dumb. I am struggling on many levels right now.


I wouldn't be so paranoid except that I am so sick and my sister just came down wit this horrific illness to so I am so scared of thegenetic predisposition with the baby.



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Saw your other thread so I figured I would contribute my thoughts here. In my experience contact poop rash is due to food allergens. Not necessarily yeast. If I was in your shoes, I would probably put the baby on a pretty similar diet to you (minus the butter), but with her own choosing of the ratios of food, so she could have as much rice and potatoes as she wanted and maybe trial a few fruits for her too so she has more variety and carb choices. Trial coconut too for adding fat. Do you do poorly with coconut stuff? In my experience, its always been easiest for me and my lo to stay on the same diet though I see you have other kids which probably really complicates things. Some kids are just small, mine is. With all our eliminations he's always been small, and if his drs aren't concerned then I try not to be either. He is 26lbs at 35 months, was probably the same size as yours at that age. 


Please try to get over your fear about your chronic illness, that will only let it get the best of you. So many people have chronic problems and ignore them or cover them up and you are doing a wonderful thing for yourself  by being proactive and finding the right dr, diet, and lifestyle for you. Tell yourself that your body is whole, healthy, strong, and healing everyday. Just so you don't think this is in vain, I have hashimotos, lyme, and candida. Mindset is really important! 

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       It sounds like you aren't concerned about doing a tandem ED with your daughter, but you are overwhelmed by your own dietary restrictions already, and an ED for your daughter seems daunting.  Did I get that correctly?  Two of us in our house have multiple and competing allergies. It *is* incredibly frustrating, especially at first.  The difference is that these are allergies we are living with and we have had time to adjust.  I still cook 10,000 different things it seems each night, but I think it's down from 100,000!  The foods we share are extremely limited.  We often do different things, but a couple things I can eat are off the table because they precipitate some seriously crushed feelings from my allergic daughter.  She is normally a champ about these things, having had food restrictions from infanthood.  


So, what foods are you eating that should be eliminated if she were to go on an ED?  Though it would take longer, could you eliminate foods one at a time?  Would that be less stressful?  How long have you been on your diet?  Maybe you could set a goal to start her ED after, say, the holidays, or some nearby but not-right-away date?  If you haven't been on your diet long, I'm thinking this would give you an adjustment period.


The yeast infection I am familiar with has raw, red spots around the anus in addition to the redness.  I used Aquaphor for my first daughter for general redness.  She had incredibly sensitive skin and this stuff is thick and persistent.  (I know, I know, it's petroleum!  But wonderful....)  Mucous is definitely allergies, but redness can be caused by any food sensitivity.  


Just some random thoughts, but I thought I'd share.

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