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Almost a year!

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I'm very happy to report that this Sunday my boyfriend and I will be together so far for a year. 

We are taking things pretty slow since I have the two kids and his life is complicated as well still.  We are both technically still married (but seperated) to the others.  For now, it works for everyone.  The STBX's know about the other.  Mine has a girlfriend of his own.  His is a friend of mine (not close or anything) and highly encouraged us to get together.  The three of us hang out together on many occasions and we all get together very well.  They are still good friends just nothing more than that. 

I'm very happy in my life and love that I've finally found this balence.

With my past relationship witht he ex it was abusive.  Just last night a song triggered me into remembering the fear and everything from back then.  But I was with him for 13 years.  It isn't something that will just disappear over night even though a year and 1/2 has gone by. 


Just wanted to share the happy news of being together with the BF for a year on sunday! :)

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Congrats mama That is great news.

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Congratulations! I'm so glad you found the path out of abuse to true partnership.

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Happy for you.  Glad you are almost past the abuse...I wonder if I will ever be okay with that situation in my past, either...


Enjoy your anniversary!

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