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Lower back pain...already???

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For the past two days, my lower back has felt so tight!  It's times like this that I miss my Motrin.  I don't know if it's because I've been sleeping SO MUCH, or what, but it's very annoying.   Anyone else having this problem already?

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Me too! I haven't been sleeping much (but would love to!!). But my lower back is killing me...like 9 months pregnant killing me. I was hoping to hold off on the chiro visits until I got a few more weeks in, but I'm thinking about scheduling one next week. 

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I had the worst lower back pain starting at 12 DPO. It went away after a week or so. At 7 weeks, my back feels tired and slightly sore, but nothing like how it felt in the beginning. I'm thinking of going to the chiro too, mostly preemptively.

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I am still hoping for a BFP this week, but my back has been sore as well.  Mostly my sciatic, first on the right side then on the left side.  I am hoping this is a good sign!  I will find out for sure Friday, tomorrow is I cannot wait...



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with all my pregnancies, i have a low back ache weeks 3-5 and then it gets better.  It just got better for this one at 5 wks


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Mine is just a little achy now and then.  Nothing severe, thankfully.

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My back has started to ache. It doesn't really hurt but it is slightly uncomfortable and it feels warm- if that makes sense. Its yet another flashback to my previous pregnancies. I am dreading the sciatic pain... I hate that!

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my back hurts too. on the lower left side. it feels a little better today.


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My back seems to only hurt when I'm standing at the kitchen sink doing dishes! I'm sure DH thinks I'm a total faker because its only when I'm cleaning the kitchen that I start complaining, but seriously - that's when it hurts...maybe its the hard floor? Aside from that I haven't had too much trouble with back pain so far

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Have you ladies gotten regular massages or are you considering it?   Massages are wondering especially for pregnant ladies like us :)  You should consider it if you haven't, they can really help with back pain and sciatic pain!

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