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Anyone else surprised?

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First let me say we are beyond excited about this baby, but that doesn't change the fact it was a surprise! We have been married almost 12 years, we have 3 daughters that were planned and had pretty much decided we were good. We used protection, got rid of all our baby stuff, told the nosey folk who asked that we were out of the manufacturing business and now an entertainment only facility. We have talked about growing our family through adoption in the future, but I really thought I was done being preggers. We haven't told anyone that we are expecting yet. Anyone else surprised?

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ME!!! ME!!!!  I also have three children, and was not planning to do it again.  I haven't owned baby stuff or maternity clothes in several years, and was using NuvaRing, but apparently I'm in that small percentage of failure rate.  We're excited now, but were totally shocked for a few days just like you.  I've told a couple of my closest friends, but we have not told our families or our children yet.


I'm going very minimalist this time....getting a few cloth diapers, and some new bottles for when I go to work.  A dear friend is loaning me her swing, pack n play, and breastpump.  Oh - and we will be buying a car seat.  But that's about all I'm doing this time.....most of the stuff I got at my showers 10 years ago I didn't really use, or weren't absolutely necessary.

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I'm surprised. I've not used any form of BC in 13 years. Our one previous pregnancy required medical intervention. My doc pointed out at my last annual that I appear to be fertile now but my DH still has a somewhat less than ideal count. I think he feels pleasantly smug about this pregnancy. LOL


We still have most baby stuff. I have away the smallest clothes but those are the easiest to replace. 

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Quite surprised...at 42 I did not think I would get pregnant especially without a lot of planning!  We have five kids and were done so we got rid of all of our stuff too...now time to start all over :)

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I agree that I don't feel like my list of "needs" is nearly as long with this baby as it was with the first. Not sure weather to chalk that up to the wisdom that has come with mothering 3 others or just me being sick of "stuff" in general. I have the boobs, babe will sleep in our bed, some cloth diapers and I will need to get a car seat. 


Have any of you told your other children yet? I told my girls we are going to celebrate a special surprise tomorrow but they don't know what it is yet. I think they will be excited. What were peoples reactions when you told them?

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I was totally surprised, and this is number 5 for us.  Although the evening it happened, it was extra fun, so I was suspicious we might have done something special. 


I get rid of all of my maternity clothes, too.  But will get a belly band and see how far that will last... I love being pregnant at this time of the year because it is cold, and we can wear extra layers, etc.


I will get a few new small cloth diapers (I am excited to try flats!) since I got rid of most of my newborn/small cloth and wool.  And being born in May, baby will probably wear a lot of onsies, etc. and not much else through the summer :)

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Very.  I didn't know if I even COULD get pregnant again and was pretty content with my 12 and 9 y.o.   That said, I had tried for years before giving up and it looks like the problem may have been my ex's and not mine, because I wasn't trying this time at all.  It's like the kind of dream you don't want to wake up from!  I can't wait to meet the new kid.

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Originally Posted by GretchenC View Post I have the boobs, babe will sleep in our bed, some cloth diapers and I will need to get a car seat. 




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LOL - I know exactly what you guys are talking about. I too got rid of every thing.

My list for this baby is:


Cloth diapers and wipes

Teething tabs

a Jumperoo

a car seat


Thats about it. Every thing else I am making or will pick up along the way, but really after 3 kids - you realize you don't need much. lol

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One of the few things I liked and used a lot with my two older kids was a bouncy seat. It usually ended up in the bathroom. My older DD broke it just as younger DD was about to out grow it. 

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