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Thanks for your concern coffeegirl, but people made up that we aren't happy. We are all happy. Living together works for us. It may not work for other people.

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So I have been in Vegas for 25 years(but am happily away next month), and am happy to share with you what I know about Vegas.

There are no birth centers here. There are plenty of midwives for home birth, Kellie Sparkman was mine.


Kids activities are:

Springs Preserve

Lied Discovery Museum

Run Plus Fun

Jumpfit Kids

Carousels in the District

Bonnie Springs

There are many parks, with water features


There is a baby wearing group called Vegaroos. There is a yahoo group called Las Vegas Informed Mom that has playgroups.


The rentals are fairly inexpensive, as Vegas got hit hard.

Vegas is big and there are many 'good' areas.

Wish you all well!






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Originally Posted by foreverinbluejeans View Post

Thanks for your concern coffeegirl, but people made up that we aren't happy. We are all happy. Living together works for us. It may not work for other people.

Well, you're the one living in the situation, so you'd know. I got the "not happy" assumption from your posts, not from other people's posts. From the way you talk about your DiL, it's clear you don't like her very much. And I have no idea how your DiL feels about you, but if she is aware of how you feel about her, (and I imagine she has to be on some level)....and if your son is aware of it as well, or if HE has issues with your DiL as you've hinted....and if you're all going to be squashed into a 2-bedroom apt. with no personal space for anyone....all those things don't really add up to an image of a "happy family",  kwim? But again, you would know better than I.


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Wow I can't believe the way people are treating you! I'm really sorry people are picking on you. When Mothering used to put out the magazine there was a fabulous article about multiple generations of family living together out of desire, not necessity. It's not unheard of. Many cultures do it everyday. 


Anyways, what I wanted to share is that I recently looked up the price of homes for sale in Las Vegas. I was shocked. There are 3 bedroom homes for sale in Las Vegas right now for $25,000. Your mortgage would be way cheaper than rent. I actually thought about moving there just because the homes are so cheap.


Good Luck! And don't give a second thought to grumpy people.



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Thanks for the great info mariposa! 


Houses are really cheap in Tucson also. I was able to figure out a way for my 21 year old son to buy a house with a pool in Tucson with payments of only $300 a month back when the government was doing the $8000 tax credit. If we like Vegas and my son can find a job that pays well I think we will be able to find a great deal on a house.


Tucson is beautiful and would be a good place to move relocate if you would like to buy a nice home for little money. Apartments have short-term leases so you could move into an apartment while looking for a house. There are several downpayment assistance programs that you may qualify for if you are a first time homebuyer.


Thanks for the kind words trekkinggirl.

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