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Grow babies, grow!

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I thought it would be fun to tell our baby's stats :)


Will got weighed today, he's 11lb 14oz at exactly 1 month!  Woohoo!  He was 8.13 at birth, and dropped to 8.4, so that's 3.5 pounds in a month, crazy!



How big are your babes getting?

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Ella was 8.3 at birth. Dropped to 7.8 (I think)


8.4 at 2 weeks


I think she is right at 10 lbs now,at 1 month. Pedi appt in 2 hours.


Blows my mind since my boys were not back at birth weight by 4 weeks, and would NEVER gain that much weight in a month. My 21 month old is 22 lbs... Ella is gonna catch him quick!

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All I know is birth weight and then a weight at 5 weeks. 7.14 at birth and then 10.5. 

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Magnolia was 7.5 at birth, 8.5 at 2 weeks, and when we tried to weigh her last night (she wasn't too thrilled with it), she was 9.1, though she had on a onesie and a diaper- so probably more like a little under 9 lbs
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Next time I'm at the downstairs computer where all my records are, I'll post the complete list, but off the top of my head:


birth-- 6lb9oz

4 days -- 7lb5oz

5 weeks -- 10lb1.5oz

6 weeks -- 10lb12oz


She never dropped below her birthweight, and was 19th percentile at birth (10 days early), and 55th percentile by a month old. This is totally opposite to DS who was 7lb11oz at birth, dropped below and took forever to gain back to birthweight.


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Lisa, my older DS was on the small side, too.  23 pounds at 2 years!  He's around 29 pounds now and will be 4 in a couple months.  At this rate they'll be the same size next year, lol!

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Originally Posted by copper.kettle View Post

Lisa, my older DS was on the small side, too.  23 pounds at 2 years!  He's around 29 pounds now and will be 4 in a couple months.  At this rate they'll be the same size next year, lol!

it's great for making the most out of clothes!!!!  DD is 29 lbs at 4 1/2.  Dr caught on after a while that she is just a very healthy petite kid.  Im only 5'3" and typically only weigh around 95-100lbs Some people are just made small :)

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sofie was 6 pound 3 ounces at Birth

she was down to 5 pounds 11 ounces at Day 3

she was up to 7 pounds at Day 12... we have not weighed her since

but there is  a double chin emerging so i m guessing we are ok..

she is in 10% for her weight what can i say potentially a shortie like her mama!

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Well, I was right.10 lbs, 5 ozs. Over 2 pounds in 2 weeks. Wow!!
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Rafe was 7lb 5 oz at birth. 
He dropped to 7.0 at 1 day


1 wk check up was 7.7 and 2 week check up was 7.13.


Went into pedi on Monday and was 10lbs with a onesie and a prefold on.  We go to the midwife for our 6 week on Friday.

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DD was 5lb 9 at birth, and today she measured 9lb 15 oz. I can't wait to see how long she measures at her appt today, because she looks like she'll soon outgrow her bassinet.
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Ooh this is fun to see!!


Finn was 9 lbs at birth, by day 4 he had dropped to 8.5.  At one month old (tmw) he is 12 lbs! 3 lbs up since his birth!

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Our boobs ROCK, ladies!!  Good job growing your babies!!!

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Reed was 8lbs 5oz at birth, 7lbs 8 oz at 3 days, and today is hovering right around 10lbs (at 4 weeks)
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Anton was 9lbs 2 oz at birth. When we were released from the hospital on day 4, he was at 8 lbs13oz. At 2 wks (yesterday), he was 9 lbs 14 oz. 

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All our babies are getting so big!!


Jude weighed 8lbs 11oz at birth and dropped down to 8lbs 4 oz. He had his 1 month checkup yesterday and weighed 11lbs 1oz so he is definitely packing it on! He should be though seeing as all he does is nurse.

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10lbs even at birth.


12lbs, 5oz today at 1 month + 1 day.


yea boobs!

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eta - 22 3/4 inches, 10lb3oz (3oz of milk I think), 15 1/2 inches head. She grew three inches in a month! smile.gif
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1 week ago at 5 weeks:  11lbs 3oz   22 3/4 in long     DS was 8lbs 6oz at birth

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Unfortunately my boobies don't rock! greensad.gif

Finn was only 9.11 at a month old. He was 9.5 at birth. Head didn't grow. He grew .5 inch so 22 inches.

We had his tongue clipped (both top and bottom) yesterday and are working with Alison Hazelbaker (expert on tongue tie) to get him back on the breast. I see her again tomorrow. Said he had a severe tongue tie - such a tight mouth and couldn't move his tongue side to side. Clicking, losing the nipple etc. Currently pumping, supplementing when I HAVE to, and finger feeding. It sucks. He's up to 10.7 today. (6 weeks). So sad, though. This has been the hardest thing I've ever done!
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