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one-stop washing resource?

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looking for a good online resource which includes all things how to prep/wash/strip your diapers (and for all different types of fibers).  is there one?  seems like there have been many different sites where i've found good info, but now can't remember what they were.  also seems that if you ask 10 different people how they wash their dipes, you'll get 10 different answers. 


not new to using cloth, but am new to washing it.



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I use Mother ease, prefolds, Fuzzibuns, Grovia, and BG organics and one pocket. I was all of them together like this:

Cold prewash no detergent or a handfull of Borax if really stinky

Hot wash with one scoop of Charlies soap

Extra rinse. 


Thats it. It works! If they still smell i wash one more time no detergent and sun them. This only happens about once a month. 


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