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Squirmy 10 month old

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Hi there, 

I have a gorgeous 10 month old girl who is extremely busy and squirmy in all area of life. She is always moving!! I've been struggling through the night lately because she is hurting me while nursing since she is moving so much! She sleeps with us for the majority of the night. She tries to turn on her belly while nursing, squeezes my skin, pushes me with her feet, pops on and off....it's just crazy! She seems to get worse closer to the morning. I am finding it hard to sleep with all this movement. 


Just wondering if anyone has any tricks to get her to calm down and just nurse peacefully?


She did have reflux when she was younger and I had a low supply previously but used domperidone which helped me a ton. I'm now off the domperidone. I nurse on demand throughout the day and night. 


Thanks in advance for your help :)


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Is she showing signs that she may be walking soon?  There is so much body learning that goes on at this time, sometimes it even shows up in their sleep.  You may find things settle down once she reaches this milestone.

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My nine month old son does this too. I don't really have much advice, but I vaguely remember this with my older son. I think as someone else said, this will pass. When my boy starts the rolling/wiggling/pinching I just pull him closer to me and just kind of hold him. I leave my hand on his back and sometimes gently rub his back. That seems to calm him. It really hurts when they just pull away mid-suck! If he is being super wiggly and hurting me, I will sometimes just stop nursing, same as if he were biting. I won't let him back on until he is calm.
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Oh, man, was I glad to come across your post---this is exACTly what we are going through. My darling 10 mo old DS is going through the same stage (oh, gosh, do I hope it's a stage!). Is your daughter still nursing well? My guy has had a cold on top of all that squirminess, and has not nursed the last two days. I am trying to keep pumping!! 


I hope the other mamas are right and it does pass.


My other DSs (now 5 and 3) never went through this stage (at least so vehemently, or that I can remember!!).


One thing I did find is that wearing a nursing necklace helped! (I just googled "nursing necklace" and ordered one online). He has something to fiddle with while he nurses...


Yes, he is JUST about to walk. 


Sure do hope things calm down for both of us :)


Keep us posted...



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