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Huzzah! for starting an Anarchist group! DP and I are about as full-swing anarchist as you can get! It will be interesting to hear from other like-minded Mamas...I particularly would love to learn how this plays into family dynamics/ living in the real world situations. 


For us, being anarchists led us to radical unschooling. Meaning, we try to keep our parenting style as hands off as possible. We try not to restrict things, or infringe on ds's 'freedom' and try to mimic a 'free society' as well as we can within our own home. 


DP works online, so we've been lucky in the whole filing paperwork to the state thing that most have to undergo. We go carless so that there's even less of a risk of interaction with the state, and, in general, lead a very off-the-grid yet normal life. 


It's difficult though...trying to make friends ect... 


Looking forward to hearing from some other Mamas!

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I know this hasnt been an active social group yet, but Im glad you started this thread so that we can introduce ourselves smile.gif

DH and I are currently living (and probably will be forever) outside our longtime community of anarchist after several years of communal living and working on projects with other people. We live in a small, close knit community in rural kentucky and are working on getting off the grid. We just bought land across the street. Anyway, its been a big change for us to go from living together with other people in punk houses in the city to living in the country, being married, and it just being me, DH, and DD (and and a DS on the way!). We are getting used to it, but I really miss having like minded people around all the time. While we do have a community here, its not the same as sharing living space and being around each other all the time the way it was in the city.

We set very few limits for DD, and we are still figuring out how we want to parent her, but honestly I try to just be as hands off as I can without my child being the one who controls everything. We walk a fine line between discipline and equality around here.

We are self employed, DH owns a landscaping company that we are hoping to grow into a workers collective, but the problem is that we have a hard time finding other anarchist that want to work wink1.gif

Anyway, I know that one of the major flaws in anarchist communities is that they arent set up for families, so Im hoping that we can create a great space here that will foster and encourage our political beliefs AND be a space to talk about parenting and how we want to grow our families.
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DH and I are hoping to be able to build an off-grid homestead at some point.  We would like to have enough land to be able to build a sort of producers/consumer's coop.  Whether it'll be communal living or not has yet to be determined.  For now we are living the city life and are expecting our first child in June, so we haven't necessarily practiced our belief systems with a little one.  DH is a PhD student at the University of Toronto, and while in Toronto I've been learning about farming and sustainable food systems.  We are going to be moving to Ottawa soon.  We haven't particularly found any anarchist community, but have found a lot of great people who equally would like to live outside the confines of capitalism. 

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Good morning. I hope to join your group from from my currently somewhat more mainstream perspective. In the past, I have lived totally off the grid (on a sailboat in the Caribbean for the first 5 years of ElderSon's life, he is 30 now), and several years in a nearly self-sufficient farming situation. I even went nearly a year with no legal identity (no official names or social security numbers, etc) for myself or my kids. Long story for another time...


My kids, teens now, are radically unschooled, and living proof that it can "work". YoungSon was diagnosed with autism and a bunch of other stuff when he was about 5. Today at 15, with basically no school until this year (his choice) and no therapy ever, he is functioning as a typical teen. BigGirl is 16, and studying Arabic, so she can work for Women's Rights in the middle east.


I have rejoined society, somewhat, in order to care for my elderly mother. It was sort of a package deal that I accepted: if I am to meet her needs, I need to be in this area, and to support us here, I need to be working at a real job. I love my work as a family advocate, but also dream of the time I can "retire" and go back to living outside the typical boundaries.


Anarchy is the only solution I see to this corner our society as painted itself into.

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Hello, All! So nice to meet you and so happy to see this group! Love all you Anarcha-Mamas.


I recently turned 24, and have been of child-bearing readiness for quite a while now. I am currently TTC my first child as a sole-parent by choice. I identify very strongly as an anarchist, a feminist and a queer. I'm also polyamorous and sex-positive. I am not currently in a committed romantic relationship but am very satisfied with the fluidity and transience of my current romantic/sex life.


I am fortunate to have an amazing friend who has also become my very altruistic sperm donor (by artificial insemination). We've been talking about this for over a year and have a contract. I have community support established for my conception, pregnancy, birth and beyond. I live with nine of my closest friends in an anarchist collective and am politically active in my city. We run a fully-equipped, no-cost bike shop for young people in the community with open hours and professional mechanics out of our garage. I provide childcare to make weekly meetings family-accessible at a local (very successful) organization that fights bank evictions to keep people in their homes. I also co-ran a family program at Occupy Boston when the camp was still centralized. In lieu of that, we're now organizing a weekly story time at he radical resource center that's based in our neighborhood.


I feel lucky to have found and settled in an area that hosts an amazing radical community. We have an anarchist "free university" here. My friend and housemate is teaching a class this winter on the history of anarchism. In his syllabus he defines social anarchy as, "the desire for and movement towards the complete annihilation of states, private property and all forms of oppression and hierarchy, to be replaced by a free society of autonomous communities organized horizontally along the lines of free federation and mutual aid". This speaks strongly to my personal definition as well.


I have worked as an "alternative" childcare provider since my early high school days, promoting gentle, compassionate care and self-facilitated education for young people of compulsory school age. I'm certified as a doula. I'm currently employed helping a single mother unschool her daughter and am a very part-time phone consultant for parents who need support and/or guidance in creating compassionate environments for their children to thrive. I'm also really interested in helping families with children get connected with the radical communities in their area.


My dream is to buy woodland and settle on it off the grid in an intentional community. I feel that my greatest challenges on this journey are probably going to be financial, especially as a "single mother", so to speak. But since all of my work can be done with baby in tow, I know that we will always be okay. And I'm not counting on being single forever.


Sorry for the long introduction. But this is one of the only spaces on the mama-net where all of this seems relevant or acceptable!


<3 In Solidarity,

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Hi there tiphat.gif

Glad to find this group as I take a break from obsessing in my DDC and the birth threads.

DH and I are strongly committed to anarchist ideals but find ourselves continually living in the midst of all we loathe. (We live in an oil-rich, absolute monarchy in the extremely religious environs of the middle east- woohoo!) We love our life and appreciate how fortunate we are to be OUTSIDERS in this place, though we struggle to make sense of our surroundings and how we fit in. From the perspective of those who study culture, politics and sociology it is highly interesting to us. We tend to keep our political and (anti) religious beliefs under wraps as it can be possibly dangerous to expose ourselves here.


A little more about me and us- I stay at home with my son who will be 3 in July. He has very mild autism and I work with him at home trying out different things that I hope are helping him blossom into the beautiful person he is now and the one he will become. We are discovering that he is quite uniquely gifted as well and that is presenting a new set of exciting challenges lately. I'm pregnant with our first daughter (due any day now) and really exhilarated to grow our happy family. Before babies, I worked as a teacher/ teacher trainer and as an editor and book designer. I hope to do those things again someday when I can fit it in- family is my priority and I love it that way. My husband teaches at a University and we share a lot of hobbies and interests. 


I see this group has been quiet as of late.  I hope the activity picks up a bit when I have lots of quiet mornings of nursing DD and DS is at school. 

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Yes, this group is very quiet. I wonder if all of the original people left (or stopped being anarchist)?

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SOOOOO glad this group exist! Thank you thank you hope people are active here, I need to connect! I'm so isolated

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hey I'm Pagan Married Crazy night owl mom of 2 kids
the unknown dark mysteries of the world.music, cooking, dining out, recipes, jewelry making, on-line games, reading,scrap-booking, cleaning & laundry, decorating, home improvement, organizing, pets, childcare, flex arrangements, staying home, adoption, dieting, going to the gym, walking, homeschooling, TV, movies, celebrities Gothic Wicca and Witchcraft Vampires Christian beliefs Gypsy's Tarot Palmistry Native American Culture Wolves Reptiles Ravens Frogs Music Guitar Percussion(drums) Parenting Alternative Parenting Gothic know i am coming out to be strange but ya just got to get to know me I'm a nice person on the inside ....mom...priestess...homemaker and everything underneath the moon...




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Are there other places people go to for anarchist parent support?  I usually peruse unschooling pages and blogs, but I haven't found much that is truly anarchist, mostly libertarian.

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Armidasawan- I know raddad has a website, but Im not sure how great it is. I think there are a few facebook groups that are good. But Im not on them. 


arandomphrase, I think that it's so quite because lots of us lead super busy lives. I, for one, have tiny babies and rarely am able to post. 

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