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What to do in the event of a very fast labor

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DD made her entrance in 5 hours. I had felt cramps for weeks and didn't experience early labor, just bam, contractions 5 minutes apart. I know that 2nd labors tend to be faster, but how much? My mom's second was 45 minutes BTW. I'm 38 weeks pregnant now, and am concerned about finding childcare for my DD and getting to the hospital on time. There are plenty of people I could call, but I live in a huge city, and if there is traffic it could take a good hour for anyone to get over here. The other issue is that no one ever answers their phones! I don't think my DH has ever picked up his phone when I call. So I'm wondering what my plans should be.
Assuming that everyone flakes out on me, when would it be reasonable to call 911? When I think I'm in transition or before?
Also, if I have to take an ambulance to the hospital, do they have carseats for DD? And will anyone be able to care for her at the hospital? I would feel like a big jerk if I showed up with my kid, and I doubt the nurses would be too pleased either.
Would I be crazy to set up a birth kit of some kind just in case I have to deliver by myself? I feel like I'm being a little bit of a drama queen about this, but I'd rather be safe than sorry!
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Just subbing... I have no answers for you but this has been a fear of mine as well especially because DH travels all the time for work and I'm alone a lot with DS.  I just keep reminding myself that although I had a quick and pretty painless labor up until transition, I pushed for 2.5 hours, so hopefully (or maybe not) I will have time thanks to a long pushing stage. 

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I don't know, most second time moms push pretty quickly!
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I had a two hour labor with DD (second birth). I had seen a chiro and accupunturist and was good to go... Not expected after my first birth. In retrospect, I felt like I was in transition about 15 min. I sent DH and DS to the park and they walked in about ten minutes before birth. DH immediately called 911 but we still didn't realize how close I was.


I ended up giving birth by myself, alone, in the back bathroom. I was really lucky because I had a normal, fast birth with no issues. Paramedics arrived about ten minutes after birth and cut the cord, transported me to the hospital I'd planned on giving birth at with midwives. Didn't see midwives until hours after birth and mostly got the cold shoulder from the emergency room/OB for what the suspected was a planned unassisted birth. Placenta delivered at hospital.


Luckily, I didn't panic at all when I realized it was happening, didn't even call DH. I was deep into hypnobabies focus and just thought it will be over soon and pushed twice. Pushing was a snap. And I remembered that very fast births are either as a result of a serious issue with the fetus "Hey I need to get out" or very, very normal.


So... I would assume there is a small chance something similar could happen with a fast birth and maybe read up a bit on home delivery if it comes to that. And yes, 911 is a good choice if you need and want to get to the hospital fast. The paramedics were delighted to use their "birth kit."


If we have another I will likely choose a home birth with a midwife but not unassisted, ever, by choice. My plan would be to again, call 911 if things got crazy, have them cut the cord, and transport to hospital, with happy baby nursing on the way.

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Well I had my baby girl this weekend...in less than two hours! For the first 30 minutes or so, I thought I was just having powerful Braxton hicks. It didn't really hurt much and I wasn't sure I was in labor. But pretty soon it was obvious and DH and I left for the hospital. We had her 45 mintes after arriving there. She had a nuchal hand and weighed 9.9 lbs, so I'm very glad I had a skilled provider to guide me through the pushing. I didn't tear, only a tiny skid mark. She also had frighteningly low blood sugar, but the hospital dealt with it swiftly, and she's ok now. Im so happy she arrived on a weekend when DH was here. I'm also unbelievably grateful that my MIL decided to come into town at the last minute. Everything worked out perfectly!
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Way to go mama!  Congrats!  I'm glad everything worked out for you.

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Congratulations.  I am always in awe of women who have short labors!!  Enjoy these first special days with your new baby joy.gif.

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wow- what great timing!


I think quick births can run in families.

My grandmother always told my mother and my aunts when they were pregnant to set off for the hospital as soon as contractions start as women in our family have short labours. 

My grandmother lived in a village and the hospital was about 30 mins drive away. She only made it there in time for her first birth, about 3 hours after her first contraction.  Her other children were born at home as there wasn't time.


When my mother started having contractions (with me) she went straight to the hospital.  The doctors tried to send her home, telling her it would be many, many hours yet, but she refused and stayed put. I was born less than 3 hours later.  When my sister came along they barely made it into the hospital and she was almost born in the parking lot outside.

My Mom always said that if she'd had a third she would have just had the baby at home. She knew she wouldn't have made it top the hospital in time... orngtongue.gif

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lol! I just saw this thread and rushed in here to impart wisdom, and found that you had already had your little one. Congrats!


I had a 1/2hr labor for my 2nd baby. and I was going to mention - if you think your in for a fast labor - and are planing a hospital birth - don't try to make a run for it or you'll end up with the entire gas station parking lot seeing you stuff while you try to get into an ambulance with a crowning baby.  :D

But that was just me. orngbiggrin.gif

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