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Pregnancy Art Publication?

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I have this vague desire to gather art, related to birth, pregnancy and fertility and publish it in some sort of way.  Ideas that have come to mind are a blog, a zine, an e-zine, a website (sort of like a directory), a show, or a book.  I would like to possibly include a little bit of writing from the artist, about their piece.  The art would be from all kinds of artists...and perhaps from people who wouldn't consider themselves to be an "artist" but just happened to create a some gorgeous pregnancy art they'd like to share.  I'm not entirely sure what the purpose of all of this is, other than to celebrate pregnancy/fertility/birth and to support artists.


I was thinking I could just put it out there and get feedback about how I should do this, who would be interested in something like this,  what my audience might be,  and maybe if you have any additional ideas to add to it.


I'm just kind of brainstorming right now.


Thanks so much.  Any thoughts are appreciated.


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I think this would be cool (and easy to implement) in blog form. Each entry could be featuring a new person and maybe 1-2 of her art pieces. You could come up with a standard list of written interview questions. Then the only challenge would be finding artists to participate.

If you did something like this I'd participate! I have an awesome belly cast that I painted that I'd love to share. I'm a professional artist but pregnancy/birth art is not currently part of my professional repertoire, so it wouldn't make sense for me to share something like that, say, on my website. But if I did an interview & feature of my belly cast on *your* blog, linking back to mine, it would be an ideal way to share that particular art piece with the public in an appropriate way.

I suggest looking for people in art communities rather than in mothering communities. It may be easier to seek out the mothers amongst the artists rather than the other way around, if that makes sense.

Wetcanvas.com is a great place to post your ideas & look for participants.
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Hey GuavaGirl, 


This is a great idea! It's wonderful to hear of such creative mamas. 


You may be interested in the Mother's Milk Books project: www.mothersmilkbooks.com


I wish you the very best of luck!




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