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a good pickle

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is what i was craving for yesterday and today. i also had the taste for biscuits and gravy, which i dont like and fried shrimp which i do like. my appitite is not so big and hubby is always wanting to go to some buffet ,which will get me sick for sure. i feel full really quick and have no urge to over eat. wish i was always like that than maybe i would lose some weight. that is  all for now.

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mmmm claussen pickles are my FAVORITE! and I craved biscuits and gravy alll my last pregnancy :)

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mmmmm after reading this now I'm craving biscuits and gravy too! 

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I found some local, organic salsa the other day at the store. I am OBSESSED with it now!!! I can eat the entire container in one sitting LOL

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Oooh, biscuits and gravy.  YUM.


I love Claussen garlic pickles, and also the 1/2 sours from Ted's Montana Grill...heavenly. 

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bruschetta from Trader Joe's with soy and flax tortilla chips dipped in it... YUM!  Obsessed!

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I'm crazy about those flax tortilla chips too! I've made nachos with them several times and I also dip them in hummus -- those things are great!

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This is so weird for me. Usually I am having odd food cravings, but nothing so far. Hmm.

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haha, Just today I ordered lunch from a Kosher deli for a large meeting, there were about 10 pickles left at the end of the meeting, as I was leaving I thought to my self, "you know your pregnant when you smuggle a gigantic bowl of loose pickles out of a meeting to bring home with you!"

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Ha, I just bought a big jar of Kosher dills from work today. I've been craving some good pickles, grilled cheese, and tomato soup. I forgot the jar at work, though :( Still eating the soup and sandwhich for dinner!

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