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Supplement at 10 months?

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It seems that my cycle may be returning and I am noticing a drastic dip in supply. I'm wondering about whether or not I need to supplement my 10 month old at this point or just give her more good fat solids? This has been going on for a few months. I will have cramping and it will feel like my period is coming but then it doesn't. Also my nipples have been really sore when dd nurses and I will notice a supply dip, which have been manageable. However, this time it seems more drastic. It's been about 2 days and her diapers have been way less wet and infrequent and I don't hear alot of swallowing. Anyway, I am doing all that I've read, taking cal/mag, taking mmp, having a beer (not sure if this is a proven method, but it doesn't hurt) eating oatmeal. I'm not sure there is much else I can do and just wonder at this point if I should try to supplement or just ride it out the week or so it lasts?

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what is mmp? If it's just a typo for mother's milk tea (mmt), that's what I was going to suggest. 

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Nursing more frequently is the best way to make more milk. Your baby may be crawling and busy and not nursing as much. You may be too busy. Your nipples shouldn't be sore unless there is a reason - the child biting, thrush, wearing wet pads. Could you be pregnant?

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mmp=more milk plus. I don't think I am pregnant, I'll take a test if this keeps up, but I usually start feeling sick right away when i am pregnant. I think she is doing some chomping down and it is very hard to get her to nurse at any other time than early morning, naps and bedtime...I do offer as much as I can, but it is more challenging with a 3 year old to look after too. I keep waiting for the day when she starts acting more interested in nursing! If I wasn't so dedicated to nursing her I would have weaned a long time ago!

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I think doing the pregnancy test is a good idea. I bet with a 3 year old and the baby you aren't getting enough nursing time in. You might try setting up one room that is chid safe that you can close the door. Put some toys in for your 3 year old and some books for the 3 year old. Maybe you can go in and nurse a couple of more times a day in there.

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This is probably a stupid question, but I'll ask it (and I've nursed two babies, so it's even more stupid!): how do you know your supply is decreasing? I hear this from other moms, but my LO gets on and nurses and I don't really see how much is coming out. Is your 10 month old losing weight? If that's how you're measuring, is she more active now than before? 

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I can tell that my supply is down by the weight of my dd's diapers...they are way less wet. Also, she gets squirmy when she doesn't get as many letdowns. Also, I have small breasts and I can always tell by the size of my breasts if my supply is low (I know this isn't supposed to be an accurate way to tell, but I can)

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