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Do you unplug things (or turn off a power strip) ?  How efficient is your fridge?  Does it need to be cleaned?  Is it a side by side.  Those suck.  Do you run a dehumidifier?  Those are ridiculous expensive to run.  Is your water heater electric?  Your water needs to be hot enough to do dishes.  Turning it down to this temp is safer and cheaper.  There is no need to make copious amounts of hot water only to cool it down with cold water.  are your filters on you furnace and AC clean?


Does your electric company do energy audits?    They may be able to tell you where your worst areas are.


Electricity is pretty cheap for us.  When I don't run the AC it is about $25 - $35.  When we do it about $60.  And we suck at conserving electricity.  But my stove and water heater is gas.  As is my furnace.  That's my big bill.  In the summer it is around $20 but in the winter when we use the stove and hot water and the heater and the dryer all at the same time and more frequently it is around $100.