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I just finished this. and I'm pretty sure I'm never making one again :)



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Double post
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Anyone being crafty? We are making these for Christmas presents this year. They are bendable bowls with a cutout of each of our children's hand prints. This is the first one, which turned out cool!

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That is sooo cool Abra!  Love it!


I just finished sewing a stuff bag for my Boba Carrier...  It is the first major thing I have sewed (I usually fix things or make pj pants for DH)... and I didn't have a pattern.  Just kinda winged it :)  I think there is even enough room to roll my fleecy cover around the carrier, and they will both fit (like I said, I winged this one).  I found that my carrier was always lying around, or crumpled up in the bottom of the stroller (I take the stroller on longer trips, but eventually do wear Eli along the way).  Now it is neat and tidy ... and well ... I love the fabric too!



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Awesome Abra!  Do you have a pattern?


My sewing machine is currently held together with a paintbrush, tape, and some yarn.  And I have to wind my own bobbins. 



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Autumn, nice job, the fabric is super cute!


Ash - No, I don't really have a pattern.  We copied the idea of the sculpt-a-bowl (video in the link below).  We cut 18" circles out of a roll of mesh from Home Depot, then we glued wool felt on each side and I stitched the edges.  I can take a picture of all the parts if you'd like to see.  I couldn't find any tutorials or patterns for such a thing online, so we just made it up.



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I've been making lots of stuff, lately! Mostly for my Etsy shop, but some for us, too. Lots of baby pants for Rhyko. He goes through so many pants. And I've made several pairs of wool pants for cold/wet weather outside playing. Other than that, I've gotten into needle felting and doll making! I bought 10 pounds of raw sheep's wool to try making some waldorf dolls and for wet and needle felting. It's really fun!
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Awesome Abra!  Do you have a pattern?


My sewing machine is currently held together with a paintbrush, tape, and some yarn.  And I have to wind my own bobbins. 




Mine, too. And, mine is from the 70's. It weighs eleventy-hundred pounds.


Cute bag, Autumn!


I've been knitting up quick scarves as Christmas presents using that mesh yarn stuff that looks like ruffles. Super quick. I'm still working on Jasper's sweater. I'm lengthening a scarf I knit dd1 a while back. And I'm finishing a Waldorf-esque bunting doll for Jasper. Lotsa work to do! 

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I made some Christmas and Yule figurines to go with my Grimm's Spiel und Holz celebration ring...
And I made fairy figurines and miniature furniture and trees for Avalon to create fairy gardens with her friends for her birthday...
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Those are so cute Jaimee!!  Awesome idea!


I got a new sewing/embroidery machine for Christmas...and now I just run around the house screaming "embroider all the things!!!".

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Wow that is awesome Jaimee! I love it so much - wish I could be that crafty!
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Wow that is awesome Jaimee! I love it so much - wish I could be that crafty!

Thanks! And you totally can!  It was so easy!  I have a friend that sells them on Etsy and she told me the supplies to get and I used her figurines for inspiration and went from there.  Really fun and really easy.  I accomplished these during Avery's nap while the older two were out of town. 

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Can you tell me where on etsy to find them?

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Here's my friend's site: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Smalldol?ref=si_shop  But you can search "peg people" to find more.

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Thank you Jaimee.  You have inspired me to make something fun for Eli at some point... :)  

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So cute, Jaimee! Peg people were on the list for making for DD for Xmas, but it didn't happen. Maybe her birthday.

I got a sewing ma nine for Xmas, yay! Still trying to decide what to make. Any patterns/tutorials/books you love? Christina - what pattern do you use for your baby pants?
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Yay for crafting inspiration!  I just made myself go to the craft store once I got some coupons.  I hit up Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and JoAnn's with 40% and 50% off coupons to buy the paints, glue, Mod Podge, and brushes.  The felt and peg people are inexpensive.  Everything dries so quickly that I was able to paint the peg people and mod podge them in the same day.  The next day I put the felt on and they were done!  So easy!

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I decided I don't love our snap diaper covers so when we went to the city Saturday I got some PUL, Velcro and FOE. I'm excited. I got a yard of PUL between print and plain white.

Here's my first experiment. I made some rookie mistakes but it only took about half an hour and used a tiny bit of material.
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Awesome Sara!

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Thanks! It fits Shay, Too.

If you call that fitting.
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