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Sewing this morning, I had to wind a bobbin by hand for a few feet. No fun. I remembered that someone here was winding them by hand. It occurred to me that a pencil or something thin could be stuck into an electric drill, the bobbin stuck on that, beefed out with electrical tape if necessary and held in place with a pinch of play dough or something. Lol, or it could be attached to the front of a pinwheel and you could have a wind powered bobbin winder. I hope everyone much crafting joy.

I'll be back in a little bit with pictures of new training pants. We are switching the boys to full time trainers and using the diapers as packing material. We have quite a few pairs of trainers, but not quite enough. And I'm making a couple more of those covers from above that are actually Shay sized for car rides and the occasional times when Sara has them both on her own out in public.
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I cant hold a thought in my brain to follow a knitting pattern.  I don't know how you do it!


I made some reusable lunch bags the other day, in various sizes, out of plastic lined cotton and velcro.  The kids have been using them in their lunches and its been VERY successful.

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I've been in between crafting right now.  Too much traveling and chaos, although I miss it and am feeling bored without it.  My friend on Facebook posting a craft idea for making 'story stones' with different characters and various items and ideas on them.  I think I'm going to do this as soon as we get to WI and get settled in.  

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I've started knitting monsters/critters to sell them and made a fb page  https://www.facebook.com/StinkoPieKnits

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Those monsters are super cute!

Me and the kids made this felt board for B:

It was so easy! It's just a peice of cardboard, cut out felt shapes, and some stuff hot glued together. All the kids can play with it together, and it takes up practically no space because it on the wall.
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That's cute Ash.
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Ash~ Thasnk for the compliment on the monsters. The felt board you made is cute.

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Garland for Ostara/Easter made from paint chips cut in the shape of eggs and strung on cotton string.  Avalon helped.



Grimm's Ring decorated for Ostara/Easter

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Oh, I love that, Jaimee! I really want to make a ring like that. I have all the tools.

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If you make your own and want to make all your own decorations, I would recommend making the holes a "normal" size so you can fit readily available plugs into them.  If you want to buy some Grimm's decorations (the numbers, especially) then you'll need to make the holes their bizarro size of slightly larger than 5/8" and purchase a 5/8" dowel to cut down into plugs.

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Plastic Wrap alternative... beeswax wraps!  The fabric is coated in beeswax, which softens and molds to dishes or foods and keeps them air tight.  I modeled these after Abeego wraps



Cut beeswax... I used about 2/3 of a pound for 2/3 of a yard of fabric                


  Melting wax in my make shift double boiler      


8675101149_3b9c2b604d.jpg   8676206956_db7bda9fdd.jpg

Measuring out the resin in a 1:8 ratio resin:wax                       Crushing the resin in a mortar


Measuring out the jojoba oil... I used about 1.5 TBS for 2/3 yd


Hemp cotton muslin cut into various sizes and pinked        


Painted wraps drying on a make shift indoor clothesline



The wrap I made to fit a 9x13" baking dish

The large square wrap I made to fit large, cut fruit like this watermelon

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What are the resin and jojoba for?
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What are the resin and jojoba for?
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The damar resin raises the melting point of the wax and the jojoba is anti-microbial... I followed the ingredients Abeego uses, but other DIY tutorials use just wax.

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Did you paint both sides of cloth?

I'm crafting my bike. Haha.
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What's the texture like, Jaimee?  I keep imagining that since it's beeswax it would crack when bent.  What's the life expectancy?  How do  you store them?

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Let me add a question to the mix smile.gif how do you clean them if they become dirty? Would washing wear out the wax?
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I only painted one side of the cloth and it soaked through some.  I imagine if you went the baking route it would soak through more thoroughly.  In fact I might try baking one of the smaller ones to see how it affects it. 


The texture is smooth, a bit sticky, but it doesn't crack when bent.  The heat of your hands softens it and it molds to the item.  To wash, I follow Abeego's instructions to rinse with cold water.  Seemed to work fine.  I let it air dry and I keep them in a stack in a cabinet.

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Abeego wraps are made here in Vancouver and I had a few. They work really well for a while (6 months, maybe? Maybe less). Then they don't. I spoke to her at a craft fair and she said that you can reactivate them (I can't remember how at the moment) and then they eventually have to be recoated. I just haven't been able to fit reactivating them into my life right now. We rinse in cold water to wash them, and occasionally wipe with a cool damp cloth. And even though they don't stick to themselves any more, they still work great in combo with elastic bands.

They do make bread and crackers taste a little beeswaxy.
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I was having a hard time finding dresses without the elastic that B hates, so tonight I made her this dress with no pattern and no measuring. I just eyeballed my cuts. It turned out completely symmetrical and fits great!
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