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Potty training again...

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My 3rd son is 3.5 years old. He's been peeing on the toilet successfully for months and stays dry most nights. He never wets his pants during the day. But, he will not poop on the toilet. He's done it twice, but only with heavy bribing. The first time was in May and the second time was almost 2 weeks ago.  


He will happily sit on the toilet to "try", but nothing happens. He'll sometimes poop minutes later in his underwear. 


He's not constipated and doesn't have diarrhea. He's pretty regular. He wears underwear, not pull-ups. I'm not really sure how to encourage him to poop in the toilet. The bribes, frankly, don't work. We were trying to bribe him all summer to use the toilet again and it was a no go. When he was successful two weeks ago, it was really just timing. It was a rare instance of him pooping when he was "trying".   


I'm looking for a fresh perspective and some tips that I haven't thought of or done yet. Any ideas?  

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I wish I had a suggestion that would help.  I'm smack in the middle of it here and ready to run away myself.  


I realized I'd really lost it when I found myself saying, "The potty is not an amusement park ride," as my son was trying to hop it across the floor... 



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At least I know I'm not the only one dealing with this.  Thanks for replying. Hopefully someone else will post a tip that will help us both.

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Today was SLIGHTLY better than yesterday- except that we had to go out (which meant I put a diaper on him) and he took that as an immediate signal to poop.



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Pooping on the toilet comes much later, why have you given up the potty?

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