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Where to begin?

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I really feel my calling in life is to be a midwife.  I haven't contacted any local MWs to see if anyone might be interested in taking me on as an apprentice yet because my husband is in law school at the moment and I need to wait until he is finished.  A 95% solo mother probably wouldn't be a very good apprentice IMHO. 


A friend suggested I include any training I've received in the letter I write.  I've read a few books but that's about it. 


Are there any training courses I could do from home that you'd suggest?  I really want to take the MW assistant course at The Farm but again, my husband needs to graduate so he can be a solo parent for 6 days. 


Thank you so much for your advice!



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I worked as a doula and cbe while my dh was in law school and we had 2 children. I attended 2-4 births a months and taught 2 nights a week. It can be done you just have to find a good support system. Most people start with a doula and cbe training and it is something valuable that midwives look for. Midwife to Be is a very cheap online program, plus there is Institute of Holistic Midwifery, Midwifery College of Utah, National College of Midwifery, AAMI among many others. Truthfully I would start with a doula training, childbirth educator training and Midwife to Be. Then switch to something more advanced later if you need to. Also some midwives only like working with certain schools etc. so I wouldn't invest too much into it until you find an apprenticeship. Also things will change based on where you live and whether you want to sit for the NARM exam for your CPM. Good luck. There are many threads on this topic just search through the archives.

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wow, my DH is in law school right now too, so this post caught my eye. I am a doula, CBE and birth assistant with my mother and a few friends avail to help with childcare. I attend 4-8 births in a typical month, about 3/4 as an assistant. I tend to work 25-40 hours per week, with some less... maybe just 8 at a minimum? I've been attending births for over 3 yrs and have attended over 80 births, and will likely double that (or more) by the time I'm able to start midwifery school.

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Thank you so much! 


My husband and I have had a long discussion about things last night.  Unfortunately we have no family in the area and my friend/neighbor who I rely on for support works OOT way to much to totally be relied upon for spur of the moment things. 


I've looked into CBE and Doula training through CBI and the Midwife to Be course (sounds really cool.)  Before I order any materials, he's asked me to email the HBMWs in our area to ask them for recommendations and some advice.  I understand is request because I'll be asking them if they are interested in taking me on as an apprentice somewhere down the road. 


Plus, who knows... maybe I'll enjoy being a doula or CBE.  I was a ballet teacher in my pre-mommy life and could totally see me just doing CBE. 


It's so heartwarming to see that law school hasn't stood in the way for others!

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