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More anxiety subsequent births??

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I have had 3 births and almost due with fourth. I am FREAKING out about the head crowning. I can handle up to transition and then I feel like I am losing control due to pain and other factors. I hate the fact that I have to go through the fire. There is no other way. This baby will be born and it will hurt. A lot. I so wish could fast forward to the shoulders coming out and the relief from pain. 


I have never been this anxious but my GP said it is really common for women with multiple births. The first I was blissfully unaware, the second I figured would be better than first and the third was really painful. I don't want to do it again!!!


Anyone else?

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Oh this is my #4 and I have totally been freaking out about transition...I handle all of labor peacefully except transition. Then I yell and feel like I'm gonna die and it's horrible, ugh. I HATE when people are like, "You've done this before, why would you be worried?" (and THAT from women who had gotten epidurals asap in their labors) duh! I'm the same as you-the first didn't seem bad bc I had no idea, #2 I figured would be ok (except when I got really into labor I got scared), then #3 was PAINFUL. Not pressure. PAIN LOL I'm just planning for a quick labor with this one. Possibly skipping transition. I have choices, don't I?! lol Good luck to you! What makes it somewhat easier for me is knowing it will not last forever, once it's over, it's over. And there WILL be an ending. I'm not the best person for advice I believe. At least you're not alone!

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Oh, totally. I'm a basketcase. This is #3. Its not pain I'm worried about though.. I know it'll be hard and I'll get through it. I guess thats not a source of anxiety because its the one thing thats certain! #1 was blissfully unaware.. I did LOTS of reading and considered myself pretty darn well informed, especially for a first time mom. Ended in a c-section due to OP/asynclitic position :( I thought if I did everything "right" I'd be granted immunity from having a cesarean unless a true medical emergency came up :P Well, dd showed me! Being humbled is a good thing though.. So #2, successful hbac. A little nervous then because  I'd never birthed vaginally and I wanted SO MUCH to have a vbac. And my innocence was gone so I knew there was simply an element of "luck" to birth.. can't control it, just go along for the ride, have good support, hope for the best. Now with this one I'm 32 weeks and I've been in this irrational state of panic for weeks. I'm worried about... having a big baby. Punchline? ds was 10lbs 2oz!! rofl. So, apparently my pelvis can accommodate a big baby. But then there's that little voice that says "sort of..." because he had SD. It was not traumatic/scary, handled great, and aside from taking a few minutes to transition to land breathing and perk up all the way, he was just fine. No injuries. So then there's  that little voice "what if this one is like 12lbs and I have repeat SD and aren't as lucky that time" And then there's some "I got lucky last time" and paranoia that having a vbac at all is just luck.. and I can't get lucky twice and will be doomed to a RCS. Geez! You'd think having done it before I could have a little bit more confidence?!

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