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Poll Results: Does your DH/DP baby-wear?

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The trick is in the DARTH VADER baby carrier I got DH for is bday lol





In the beginning, I wore her more, but he occasionally wore her when we shopped in the ergo with infant insert. Honestly, he wears her almost every time we go out in his Darth Vader carrier, and I am free to do whatever shopping we need to get done. DD falls asleep on him a lot and I find she seems less comfortable on me and she tries to nurse to fall asleep. She also walks full time now, so I haven't really had occasion to wear her. She just sits in the cart usually or, rarely, I wear her in a sling on my hip.


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DH absolutely refuses to baby wear...I've tried to convince him how much easier it is to do things with DD when she's in the carrier but no. After  some prodding he finally said that it's because he likes actually holding her when they do  things together, not wearing her like a "squirmy backpack". Eh, to each their own I guess.

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My DH wouldnt until we got our Boba. Now he will, and he says it makes him feel really proud =)



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These pics are awesome!!!

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My husband wouldn't wear one until he realized he could play video games while the baby slept in it. Then he was all for it. He usually uses the Ergo because he finds it faster and easier to use. He adjusts it before he leaves the house so he can just put the baby straight into it.

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I'm pregnant with our first right now, but DP keeps saying that he ABSOLUTELY REFUSES to wear the baby in a carrier. :( So I guess I just get to be the one that snuggles that baby all day :)

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DS has tried on our Moby, and got all sad/frustrating looking at how complicated it was, but he was definately game. He also tried on the hotsling  I have here, and enjoyed that a lot more, but unfortunately it's not the right size, so I'm trying to sell it, and the one that is -my- size, won't be his size. After baby is a bit older we'll have to take a look at a more structured sling, because I can ttoally see him being the primary BW'er like many of you said, as long as I can find a 'suitable' carrier. 

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The moby can seem overwhelming at first, but it's REALLY easy with a little practice.  Just have him keep tying it around to get used to it for a bit.  I can't think of a more forgiving learning carrier really. 


A pouch sling really isn't going to be ideal with a newborn-  a ring sling would be better and would have a much smaller risk to the baby- also, you will both be able to use it. 

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Tell your hubs that babies are chick magnets. And women LOVE to see a man wearing a baby. Seriously, best icebreaker ever. DH got more attention when he was wearing our daughter... 


It's almost as hot to watch a man wear a baby as it is to watch him to the dishes... ;)

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My partner gladly wears our son, I don't even have to ask.

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My hubby has worn our children on occasion. He used my pouch sling (an adjustable one) twice when ds1 was itty-bitty. He has used the Ergo with ds1 maybe 6 times. DS2 has been worn by Daddy just once in my new Boba. I wish he would do so more often but these days he frequently takes ds1 while I handle ds2 and ds1 hasn't been worn by anyone in a quite a while. greensad.gif (I don't think he would mind but wearing two at a time would be a bit tough on me.)

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We both disliked the Moby but I resolved to get a SSC and once I settled on an Olives & Applesauce, my husband picked the pattern - koi! - and shocked me with his bright colorful choice. He wears our newborn every outing we go on. It's kind of a no brainer from a convenience pov, especially with a 3 year old.
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He sure does, we have 3.5 mo twins so it's much easier for us each to wear a baby when we go out. We have two Ergos and love them!

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We have a Mei Tai and we both wear her. Before she was born, we intended to have me use a wrap carrier and him use an Ergo. Well, our daughter needed a hip harness soon after she was born, and fitting her in the wrap carrier with that was a pain and a half. We bought the Mei Tai then, which was much easier to finagle, and have used it daily since. The wrap carrier languishes in a drawer... maybe I'll try it when it gets colder. He found a Kelty baby backpack at a yard sale and is just itching to use it, and is no longer interested in getting an Ergo. (Though we'll see how he likes it once she is big enough for it.) But we both love babywearing because this kid likes to be snuggled so much, and this way our hands are free.

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My husband has worn both our daughters a bit.  I bought a ring sling shortly after our first daughter was born, and the options at the store we found it were red silk (twice the price), black, or camo.  I choose the camo sling, much to my husband's amusement, so he didn't mind wearing it either.  It only fit him when our daughters were very little, as he's quite stocky (and a bit overweight) but several times when I left one of the babies with him, I would come home to find he had found the sling and put it on.  Both our daughters liked being carried.  We also have an Ergo carrier and he has worn that too, though it doesn't fit him as well because of his size (Ergo only comes in one size, I think, otherwise I'd buy him a second one, because I like my Ergo that much).  Either time he's worn our daughters, though, it has been around the house or when we've been out on a hike.  We did buy a big second-hand MEC carrier (the frame type) that he wears our older daughter in for longer hikes.

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I love the pictures!  Thanks for sharing!  I'd have to dig to find my pictures of my hubby with my daughter... :)

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KoalaBear, I know the Ergo has a waist extender belt that you can purchase. Maybe that would help your husband?

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My DH loves taking one of our 2 under 2 with him when he walks the three blocks to the grocery store.  He used to use a woven wrap when the boys were tiny, but now that they're toddlers, he uses my homemade Himba (like a mei-tai) instead.  He wore our preemie in the NICU, and he wears one of them when we go on walks or to the park.  I don't think he loves it for the sake of wearing, but, like me, he understands the practical value of the practice.  It's not that he loves to babywear, it's that strollers are stupid and toddlers are too heavy and wiggly to be carried in arms all the time.


Here are my two little guys and big guy at the zoo over the summer:

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The only ones who don't wear baby are the inlaws because they're too decrepit. Only my FIL can actually pick up our 4mo and b/c of back problems the baby is usually held against his stomach, not his chest.  My momma wears him in the Mei Tai and so does the old man. Actually he does it almost every night to get baby to go to sleep. Now when I wear him in it, he falls asleep! I think momma and my huzbin like the mei tai cuz it's easier than the sakura bloom ring sling (I like it and tell them practice will make it easier but no...) and the Beco Butterfly II. I think a Gemini is in the works and I need drool pads, STAT.

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Tell your hubs that babies are chick magnets. And women LOVE to see a man wearing a baby. Seriously, best icebreaker ever. DH got more attention when he was wearing our daughter... 


It's almost as hot to watch a man wear a baby as it is to watch him to the dishes... ;)

I think DH has noticed this, lol. I am pretty happy I have a dish washin baby wearin man. ;)

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