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2ww hell

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OMG these 10 days are DRAGGING by. I'm on day 6, and stupid me, I tested today. LOL! I KNOW it won't give a positive. But I SWEAR I had implantation cramping yesterday and today. My temp went from 99.1 down to 98.4 then to 98.5 as well, so I'm hoping I'm in the implantation dip.


Seriously, I hate waiting. I feel as though I am pregnant, but it very well could be wishful thinking. I just want to know for sure, damnit!!


Anyone else in the 2 week wait hell with me??

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YES!! I'm anywhere from 2-4 dpo and furious that I cannot get an answer yet!! I got my ICs yesterday so decided I should POAS to get an idea if they are evapy, but it did nothing to curb the need to poas....... pretty sure it just made it worse.. argh! I keep checking pg chat boards as if there's going to be some grand announcement of some test that can give you a + the moment of implant.. :p You'd have thought having an early mc last month would have turned me off from testing early, but it didn't. Still obsessing....

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I'm there!

I should be 5 or 6 DPO right now. I did well all week with not obsessing. But I had a dream about aquariums and fish last night (which I know can be a pregnancy dream), and now I'm full-blown obsessed. I don't think I'll be able to hold out until Saturday (the 24th) when I'm planning to test. I may have to sneak in another one mid-late week just in case!

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I'm now at 7DPO.  I did try testing, but of course, nothing. lol  I just hoped my body was faster or something. LOL!!


Sigh. This is KILLING ME!!

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Ugh, me! I'm 13dpo (my lp is usually 10-12 days), first cycle after a mc and no sign of as g whatsoever. Temps still above cl, my traditional spotting starting at 6dpo hasn't begun, and bfn yesterday.

I'm going nuts. I know you expect a weird cycle, but this is getting annoying already. wink1.gif
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KodyAnn - I'm there with you, early mc last cycle, EWCM started CD8?! temps are all over the place. CD17 now, I think I'm at 4dpo? but not positive. I'm still worried that my mc isn't complete since AF was so light, I'm so excited about my symptoms, but still expecting the real AF to show up any moment.

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I'm still waiting for any sort of AF.  I started bleeding, found out about the baby loss, had a vacuum aspiration, started to hemorrhage, had a D&C, spotted after that for a few days, O'd a week after the D&C, and now we wait.   Also doesn't help that I have a large cyst on my left ovary that has started causing pain.  Color me a frustrated Kody.

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:( Sorry. Hope you get a BFP this month!


My nurse told me to consider any bleeding AF, so even tho I would define it as spotting w/ some clots, she said any blood is blood. My levels returned to 0, so ::shrug:: Why can't things be simple? hammer.gif

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That makes complete sense to me, as your mc was early.  My OB said to consider my miscarriage bleeding as postpartum bleeding (I was 12 weeks), and then to expect a true AF within 4-6 weeks.  I'm at the exact one month mark today. 


I hate waiting.  We can do it!  I only have three Dollar Tree tests, so I'm hoarding them until, say, Monday.  Oh, wait - that's the day after tomorrow!  loveeyes.gif

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My temps plummeted this morning; I think I'm out this month.   Blah.

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:( I'm hoping your not! I've seen ladies post that before and been wrong!

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Well, I'm out. AF showed this morning.

D - how are you holding up? Cave in and test yet? wink1.gif
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LOL! I started testing WAY too early. Like 7DPO. Getting a big fat NEGATIVE each morning. I'm 11DPO now.  I have never started later than 12DPO, so I'm not out of the game just yet. My temps did drop a bit yesterday, though not toooo far. Can you all look at my chart and tell me if you think there is still a chance for me??



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Well, your temp went back up slightly (as it did at 5DPO), so I don't think you're out of the game.


Glad I'm not the only one obsessively testing.  BTW, Natural Baby Co has a buy-10, get 10 free sale on their HPTs and OPKs....  Not to fuel the obsession we all share or anything... :P

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Hi ladies. I just wanted to suggest that divinemrsm might want to write more about your cm after ovulation. It's always fun and interesting to obssess over and it was my big 'tip off' this cycle. By dpo4 I was sure I was pregnant because of the change in cm. I know a lot of people say that you can't make a determination based on cm and I'm sure that's true for many people but I've also found that many women have been right about a bfp based on it! I could even tell when my regular cm change to mucus plug stuff (that's when I was sure about being preggo and tested at 10dpo - at night so no fmu) and bfp! I am 15 dpo now and the cm is still noticeably different I wish you guys all the best and good luck with you soon to be bfps!
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Thanks guys! ttcgirl, my temps went below coverline this morning, so I'm sure I'm going to start today. :(  My cm is basically dry too, so I guess that would be a sign of nothing too. lol


Oh well. Next month, I hope!


Thanks for the help!


And, CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm out. AF reared her ugly head just now. :(

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Ugh, I'm sorry, D!

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