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How often do you change diapers?

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Do you change your lo diaper immediately after they pee? My ds (5mo) has always cried right after he pees or gets really grunty and fussy, so I change him right away. But I have noticed lately that if we are out at a friends house, they seem to wait until their lo diaper is poopy (which I always change ds right away if he has pooped) or just random times to change their lo diapers. Most of the time I have changed ds diaper 3 or 4 times before my friend has changed their lo diaper once (sometimes I have changed more!). Is this weird of me? I'm starting to feel a little self conscious about it, but not enough to stop me from changing ds diaper right after he's peed. Just wondering what others do.

Btw-we use sposies when we travel or are out and cloth at home.
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I change DS anytime he is fussy, when he wakes up from a nap, if it's just been a while (over 2-3 hours) and I think of it, or if I'm about to go out.  I think you're doing the right thing by changing your son when he fusses because he has a wet diaper.  Some babies don't mind, but if he does then he does.  Why be self-concious?  You wouldn't leave a bed bound quadraplegic lying in his own urine, would you?




Edit:  Forgot to mention, we use cloth.  I agree with the post a few down about a different mentality among the disposable crowd -- those things are expensive!

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We use cloth FWIW.  I change DD every 1-2 hrs on average.  Some times I know she will pee more, like first thing in the AM or after a nap, so I check her more often then.  She doesn't fuss when she's wet so I don't know when she pees so it's not always after every pee that I change her.  I normally can tell when she's pooping though so I change right away.


I've gotta say that's one of the things I love about cloth, that I can change whenever I want.  I think many people feel like they need to get "their money's worth" out of each diaper and that's why they leave it on for so long.

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I change my cloth diapered 1.5 year old every 3-4 hours unless there is poop, or I notice she is really wet.  She pees in the potty sometimes, so her diapers really aren't that wet.


When she was a baby it was every 2-3 hours or when she pooped.  So, to answer your question, not after every pee.  My son would pee 10+ times in a 2 hour period, I definitely did not change him after every pee!


Do what works for you and your baby though.  Obviously if he is fussy about it, then change the diaper.

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I have always changed DS as soon as I notice a wet diaper, or every 2 hours if I haven't noticed. We generally use fitteds or prefolds with wool soakers, so it's pretty noticeable when he has peed. I would not want him sitting in his own urine - any more than I would want to myself.

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I change Annie when she wakes up from a nap, when she poops, if it's been awhile (2-4 hours) since the last change, depending on the diaper and if she has eaten or had a bottle in the meantime. When she's in sposies, especially the heavy-duty ones like Pampers Baby Dry, I tend to leave them on a little longer. bag.gif Because I know they're stay-dry and I want to get my money's worth. Cloth diapers, I change more frequently.

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As wet when ever possible and of course right away if poopy.. Saying that though we average every 2-3 hours and have often gone up to 4 shes tends to hold her pee and has pockets of the day she'll wet more than others.. We CD during the day and most outting and sposie at night or eventually if its a loong outting day,

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