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Does anyone know what the upper dosage limit is for taking FCLO both in the short term and the long term?  Specifically Green Pastures FCLO.  I've been trying to take 1 tablespoon a day but recently was sick and took 3 tablespoons in one day to try to knock it out.  Oddly, I saw a major improvement (just for that day) in a problem I've been having for quite some time--something we've tried a lot of other stuff on to get it fixed.  I was shocked because this was also during a day I was sick and the only other things I did differently that day was also take a couple of high doses of D3 drops and high doses of vitamin C which I've done in the past and never had an effect like that.


So besides the cost factor (ugh), given that it is a natural form of A and D, are there any potential dangers to taking high doses for awhile to see if it helps?  Has anyone ever done this?


ETA: I had my vitamin D levels tested a few months back and was at 43 so not stellar but not terrible either (particularly given where I live).  Also, I'm looking to try to get pregnant in the next few months so that has to be a consideration too.

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You do not have to worry about toxicity. WAPF rec. 20,000 IUs of A and 2,000 IUs of D per day for those dealing with issues.
That amounts to about 4 tbls I think.
And no worries AT ALL for pregnancy. Read link below.
That only needs to be taken in that amount until the issue is resolved, and then you can go back to a lower dose.
If you are taking Ascorbic Acid for C, skip it. Its fake made from corn syrup. Get Acerola Powder instead.
It tastes super yummy and works so very well in low doses.
Also, skip the D3 if you are taking FCLO. 



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Thanks BubblingBrooks!  I went hunting because the numbers on my bottle seem to be different (and maybe it's because it's the fermented variety) and it appears that according to Green Pasutres (think this originally came out of Wise Traditions but was republished here http://kellythekitchenkop.com/2009/09/dave-wetzel-fermented-cod-liver-oil.html), each teaspoon contains 4K-9K IU Vitamin A and 3k-4k IU Vitamin D.  So using the WAPF guidelines for people with issues, I'd be at the max and quite possibly over the max with a tablespoon a day :(


Thanks for the tips on the Vitamin C too.  I am taking Acerola powder--good stuff!  I actually don't usually take extra Vitamin C at all but the sore throat was pretty miserable that day.

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Even if you go over, you will not cause problems. The amounts vary in each batch as well, due to it being natural.

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Thank you!  I'm feeling like I need reassurance today and I really appreciate it.

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