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Noah James

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I had my fourth boy on my birthday, the 13th!

It was a long, kind of hard labor, but I feel I was able to keep relaxed and calm through it all... probably in part to having my little sister there. She's due with her first baby in Dec, and I really wanted her to experience a good, natural birth. The MW didn't make it until several hours after the baby came. She was at the birth of a v-bac mom that had had two c-secs and no vag. births. She was able to deliver a 9#+ baby after being told she was too small to deliver her 6 and 7lb babies!

Anyway, our "little" Noah finally arrived after about 2 days of slow labor. The water broke as his head was ready to emerge. Pushing only took 19 minutes, but I had to push from his head to his toes before he came all the way out. :) He weighed 10lbs, 4oz! Daddy delivered him, and did a great job. No tears, and we are both doing great.




This is my husband with my oldest and youngest, the two he delivered on his own. (The MW was able to be there for the two boys inbetween.)



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Congrats Mama!  I am sure your husband and this new little one will have a special bond (same thing happened with my second and she and Daddy are connected in a very special way!) 


Enjoy your babymoon!  He's adorable :)

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So very cute!!!  Congrats on your new arrival.  :)

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Congratulations! orngbiggrin.gif

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Congrats!!! Sounds amazing!

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Great job. joy.gifWhat a sweet big boy!

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Oh, he's adorable!!!  Congrats, mama!!!

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Congratulations!!! He is very cute!

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Wow, Congratulations on your "little" boy!  How very cool that your DH caught him.  Enjoy your newest addition :)

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Congrats!!  What an incredible birth story!  He's gorgeous!

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He's so sweet--congrats!
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Oh my goodness, he's too cute!


Congrats to you and yours, and YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)

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Such a beautiful baby! congratulations mama!
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Yay!!!  Congrats mama!!!  What a beautiful birth.

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Congratulations! Great story, beautiful baby!

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Congrats!! Yay! What a beautiful big boy!
I have a Noah too:)
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