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Sharing rooms?

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For those mamas who already have more than one kid and for those of you, like me, who are having your second... what are your plans for kids' rooms?  Are you planning to have the kids share?  Do you have a choice?  How did you tell your eldest that they would be sharing?  Or, how are you planning on telling your eldest that they will be sharing? 


DD will definitely be sharing with the baby.  We still cosleep most of the night with DD but she has her own room across the hall from us.  She has toys, a twin bed, dresser, etc... and she goes to bed in her room each night (and then gets brought into our room shortly thereafter but that's for a thread on sleeping...).  My plan is to buy a second dresser and put up a crib and have the kids share the room for the next 3 or so years.  After that DD can decide to move up to the 3rd story or they can continue sharing.  But, I have NO IDEA a) how to fit all that furniture in the room (it's a very funny shape) and b) how to inform/persuade DD. 


Anyone else thinking about this?  Trying to decide?  Have some well earned insight to share?

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we plan to.. and we're kind of choosing to.  we have a master-on-main with the other bedrooms upstairs, and dd is in what is going to become the music/school room in the future, but she's still kind of young/needy/cosleepy :(  to room upstairs.  we don't have actual dressers or anything for her in there, just a closet with a curtain (we took the door off) and all her clothing is in a basket she can reach, with a separate basket for socks.  she pretty much strews it all around the room whenever she gets the idea to, whether it is in a dresser or not (we tried that and gave up/moved it upstairs).

we don't have a crib, baby will sleep with us (and hopefully dd won't.  oh god i am getting nervous about that too).


we haven't done much talking to her about it, she's a bit younger than your dd.  dh also wants them to share a room upstairs, too, and have the other bedroom for a playroom, but we'll see. 

we don't have much stuff, and she's not super interested in having a separate room at this point.  we'll just feel our way through that one... we do have bunk beds in the upstairs room, so hopefully one day that is an option.  we're also not planning for more kids. 


do you need a second dresser or could you just move clothing into separate drawers?  do you have a closet you could organize super efficiently?  those might help you do without adding extra furniture.

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Here is our plan as it stands for now.  Who knows what will happen when babe actually gets here?  shrug.gif  DS1 will be in his own room.  DS2 will likely sleep with us (DH, DS3 & I) for a couple of months until the 'baby transition' starts going a little easier.  Then we'll start transitioning DS2 to sleeping on the crib mattress on our floor for a couple more months.  Then, when that's going easier, we'll likely get him a trundle bed that slides under DS1's bed.  That way, we can have the floor space for play, but he'll have a cozy little nest in which to sleep.


That's basically how it worked when we moved DS1 to his own bed after DS2 was born, and it was a relatively easy transition.  We followed DS1's cues, and now he goes to bed without a fuss.

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We'll continue our family bed but add a mattress for DS1 to start using. We currently have a queen and twin xl next to each other. DH sleeps on the twin xl part, and DS1 and I sleep on the queen, which makes nighttime waking and switching sides much easier. With my milk dry and him no longer trying to nurse at night, DS1 has started cuddling with his daddy during the night. We're hoping to add a mattress to the other side of DH for DS1, and DS2 and I will share the queen when he arrives. When DS1 is ready, he can transition into his own room, which he will likely share with DS2 in the future. I suspect DS1 won't transition into his own room earlier than 4yo.

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We live in a 2 bedroom apartment, so yes, DD and this new little one will definitely be sharing a room at some point. The plan is for us to co-sleep with the new baby for however long that works out (DD transitioned to a crib at 5 months and has slept wonderfully in her own bed ever since then). If this baby is much like DD (meaning she transitions to a crib well and STTN at an early age) then I imagine they will be sharing a room by next fall, so we would have a 3.5 year old and an older infant sharing a room. DD is still in her crib, but we've dropped the side down so that she can climb in and out as she needs to.... we should probably start looking to buy a twin bed for her very soon so that she has some special time to transition to her new bed. I don't want her to feel as though the new baby is taking her bed away from her, even if the baby only uses it occasionally for naps in the beginning, so maybe if she has a "new" big kid bed before the baby arrives, she won't feel that way...


We are also dealing with a very small room for the kids and have limited space for new furniture (as in, it's FULL right now and something will need to go to accommodate another bed...). I have been looking for some sort of bed with storage underneath, maybe something lofted, but am not sure if she would be too young for something like that at 3 years. Crap, I guess we've got a lot to figure out.

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I love the trundle bed idea-- zakdat! 


We're planning on bunk beds in the long run but in the short term we think the baby will be "sharing" DD's room only in the sense that his/her clothes, etc... will be there.  We definitely need another dresser though as we've been the lucky recipients of a super nice girls wardrobe which means we're currently storing a full wardrobe from newborn to 5t.  Our closets are stuffed!


DD only used her crib *once* (45 minutes on week 2, day 6 :)  but I'm totally determined to give it another try as I've been dreaming of having a babe that will occasionally take a nap somewhere other than my arms or in a wrap... If I really let me mind wander I can imagine the joy of having a baby that might go to bed before me, get transferred into the crib and then come in when I'm going to bed.  Took DD until she was 3 to spend even part of the night without me so this all sounds like hallucination but MamaShannon's comment gave me just another breath of hope.


So, is all this sharing because of necessity or because you all think it's better for kids to share rooms?  It's necessity for us now but will be a choice as the kids get older... not sure which way I want to see it go.  I'm the oldest of 4 and the ONLY one who never shared a room.  Seems like a great idea in the abstract but I also know how much I *always* valued my space and having things exactly my way.  Though maybe sharing would have made me a little less compulsive... ?



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I have a girls room and a boys room. This baby will be in our room for about a year then be moved to whichever room it is. We don't know the sex of the baby. My kids will probably never have their own rooms. This will be my 5th child. I don't think there is anything wrong with kids sharing rooms. Until I was a teenager I always had to share a room.

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We'll be sharing out of necessity. If we stay in our current house, which is highly unlikely, we could create another bedroom upstairs. Oh, and while this is child #2, we plan to have one more so room sharing will be a necessity in a 3 bedroom house. 

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So, is all this sharing because of necessity or because you all think it's better for kids to share rooms?  It's necessity for us now but will be a choice as the kids get older... not sure which way I want to see it go.  I'm the oldest of 4 and the ONLY one who never shared a room.  Seems like a great idea in the abstract but I also know how much I *always* valued my space and having things exactly my way.  Though maybe sharing would have made me a little less compulsive... ?




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This will be my third, and will be sharing a room with both big brother and big sister. My two kids share  queen sized bed right now, but we will be moving to bunk beds to make room for the crib and changing table. Husband made built in shelves in the closet so I could get rid of their dressers, so now I just have a small one for the baby. We have a small house, so it is a bit out of necessity, but I love having my kids share a room. I think it is very sweet to see them co sleep together, and I also like using our extra room as a playroom - keeping toys out of their sleeping space really helps with our nap and bedtime routine.


Baby will be co-sleeping, as did my other two - but I appreciated having a crib set up in a seperate room than mine, so they could take naps in their as well as start the night out. Also really helped to have a safe, big brother-free place to lay baby down when I needed a minute.

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Our twins will be sharing a room with the trips. We have 3 cribs right now so I plan to move the twins into their own separate cribs by Halloween. The trips will share a crib as long as possible. We live in a 5 bdr house (common for SoCal) so I definitely have the room but I can't see giving the trips their own room right now. Plus one of the rooms is our office, the other is my Messy Room where I throw all of my junk in there. I'm not ready to clean it out! Lol. 

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I shared a room with one of my sisters my entire childhood and loved it.  This is our first baby on the way, but if we are lucky to have a second they will definitely share, regardless of the boy/girl situation.   I think only once kids start having to do, for example, homework in their rooms, does sharing become an issue, and even THEN there is the kitchen table.

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Our plan is to have baby in our room (crib and all) for the first 6-10 months and then transition to a sharing situation  with DS who will be 5 at the time. I want our kids to share for as long as possible. Eventually we hope to do bunk beds in there. The room is pretty large for a kids room these days, but we still want the floor space and I LOVED having bunk beds when I was a little girl.

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So I have a question about sharing a room as well. A lot of the responses I see here are "it's great for them to share and play," etc. which I think may be true if my children were older. However, I have a 2 1/2 year-old son and a 7 month-old daughter. She has been in our room since she was born. She sleeps through the night almost all of the time and think it's time to move her out of our room.  But we live in a small condo, and I'm not sure where to move her. There is my son's room that is big enough or a small room (no closet) that is used as an office and houses a lot of stuff on shelves. We have to be creative with storage here as our stuff grows.  So the options are to move some shelves around and give *half* of the office to her or let her share my son's room.  


Let me say this: when I was pregnant, we planned on the two of them sharing, but after having lived with both of them I have some concerns. My concerns about them sharing are 1) Waking each other up. If on occasion she would wake to nurse at night, she would wake him up. Or during nap time, he plays and talks for an hour before falling asleep. She would never be able to nap in there.  2) My son can climb out of his crib. This worries me that we would go over and bother her or even attempt to climb in her crib which is not safe especially b/c he likes to hit her unfortunately.


So this should probably be a decision we could make ourselves, but whenever I sit and think about it, I just don't like the options here.  Any help would be appreciated.

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