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I don't know what is wrong with me,and neither does my dr! long vent

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I've been feeling terrible lately.Tight chest,hurts to even touch it,upper and middle back pain,extreme fatigue,occasional tingling in my tongue,hands and feet,low grade fever,and now my lower back really hurts.I went to urgent care,they did a chest xray,which was normal.They diagnosed me with gerd,and put me on prilosect 20mg 2x a day.No improvement,so I went back a couple of days later.This time they did a bunch of blood work,to check for a blood clot in my lung,cbc,gall bladder,thyroid,and I'm not sure what else.All was normal,except my white blood cells were a tiny bit elevated.They also ordered a gall bladder and liver ultrasound,again,normal.I finally got into my dr,and she referred me to a surgeon,but I can't get in until the 26th.I've tried ibuprophen for the pain,it does nothing.


I'm on a bunch of meds,lamictal,wellbutrin,zoloft,klonopin,claritin,2 inhalers for asthma,and levothyroxine for hashimoto's hypothyroidism.I won't go to the hospital,they are useless.I've gone there maybe a handful of times in over 10 years,and they always tell me nothing is wrong,and act like I am wasting their time.I'd rather go to urgent care,they are very nice and they try to find out what is going on.I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia,so maybe this is just a really bad flare up?


I'm under a lot of stress.Ds is a huge handful,and I have no help whatsoever.My house is a mess,and all I hear from my parents is how lazy I am.Dd tries to help.My mom even told me,if it was my gall bladder and I needed surgery,that she would not help me,because it is nothing,and she wouldn't even take ds for a little while.She doesn't work,so it's not like she's tired from that.Dad would help a little,but he works 2nd shift,and has a severe form of arthritis,so I don't want to make him hurt more.Exh is out of the picture,I put a restraining order on him,good for a year,he was coming here drunk,threatening me,trying to break in,passing out and peeing all over my porch,and of course he said it was all my fault.I have to see him on Tuesday,in court for child support.I am terrified.We have to take the same bus,I have no other way of getting there.My best friend needs to have an internal defibrulator put into her heart soon,and I'll have her 7yo dd while that happens.I owe money to my dad and step dad,and my dad is constantly yelling at me for it.Doing things like laundry suck,as I have to carry it downstairs.I have to clean the 4 kitty boxes often,and I can't even cook because the clean up is too much for me.So I get yelled at for that too,because i am too lazy.We eat sandwiches,frozen meals,and disgusting fast food,which I know doesn't help me at all.I have no other friends,exh saw to that. :(


I am just at my wits end!I want to feel better,even one day of relief!I went to Target with my mom today,got yelled at by her for everything I bought,but I couldn't carry home kitty litter on the bus,so I am exhausted.I can't exactly get away from my parents,I live in my dad's apartment house,with him downstairs,and mom and step dad in the basement apt.I can't move,I have no money,and no where else is going to put up with ds's screaming,or let me have my 6 sweet kitties.I think I'll go take a nap,or listen to my ipod for a while.Thanks so much for reading.



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Could it be anxiety?  I get every single symptom as you listed above when I am anxious or approaching a panic attack.

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I had many of those symptoms, plus a few more, and after a bout a million normal tests was diagnosed with anxiety. Stress and anxiety really can cause some scary symptoms!!


My other thought, mainly because of the fever, is maybe lyme disease? Have you been tested for that? I know that can cause some really strange symptoms and is not always easy to diagnose, so, maybe something to look into.


Good luck! I hope you get some answers soon!!

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Oh man I feel your pain (literally... living with an undiagnosed illness myself and it sounds very similar to what you have, though different in some ways)... It's really frustrating & (for me at least) depressing to have no known cause for what's going on...

Have you been tested for other autoimmune conditions, things like rheumatoid arthritis & lupus?? I think your likelihood of having another autoimmune disease goes up when you've already been diagnosed with one (Hashimoto's).

Also, you are on a ton of medications, are any of them newer? Maybe it's some kind of side effect or combining effect? I had such bizarre issues when I was taking lots of meds, that I actually felt better taking nothing (not telling you to stop your meds though!!!)

How long has this been going on?

The other thing that comes to mind with the tingling extremities is B12 deficiency.

And I don't know if the klonopin & antidepressants are for anxiety or only other issues, but I will echo what the pp's have said -- any chance this could be a new manifestation of anxiety?
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Thanks for the replies! I was thinking maybe it could be anxiety,but I really get no relief at all.I've been a little bit better,but last night was terrible.But my dad was yelling at me constantly,the whole way to the store,then when we got to the store,the whole way home,while ds was getting upset(he hates stores,but I have no choice but to take him),dd and her best friend were driving me nuts(pretending to eat everything in target,dancing through the store,making out with a blanket,I know they were trying to make me laugh,they're 13,but I was just in pain).Went to my best friend's house for a little while and felt a little better.


I was wondering if it could be another autoimmune issue too.I'll ask the dr to test me for that too,as well as lyme disease.None of my meds are new,but I did have an issue with Abilify after taking it for a while,it caused involuntary facial movements,and I had to stop taking it.So another thing to look into.Yes the antidepressants and klonopin are for anxiety and bipolar,with major depression.I'm just so sick of feeling this way.I would do almost anything to feel just even a little bit better. :(


I know it's going to be bad the next 2 days,since I have court on Tuesday for child support.Joy.Maybe I'll be lucky and exh won't show up.

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Sounded similar to lupus to me, too. I had a lot of chest pain (costochondritis), lower back/kidney pain, fevery. Very difficult to get out of bed in the morning.


Dx, eventually, w/ lupus (took a couple of years - they kept checking my blood), and took plaquenil (traditional western med for lupus). Helped a lot, but I still had unexplained pain (kidney), and I got tinnitus as a side effect of the meds. I went to acupuncture weekly for 6 months and took Chinese herbs. Lupus was gone. (as tested by a rhumatologist & 11 vials of blood).


I am totally lupus-free, 5 years later.

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Have you ruled out Celiac disease?

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I'll look into Celiac Disease,I didn't think of that.I just need to know what is wrong with me.Had court today,exh did not show up,so that made me feel a little bit better,I was really scared to see him.The judge put out a body attachment,so he's going to jail,again.I was literally falling asleep on the bus both times and in the courtroom,I'm just so exhausted.No one would let me sleep after court either,the phone was ringing off the hook,and I just kept getting text after text.Nice to feel popular lol,but not when all you want is to get a little sleep!Thanks so much everyone,I'll update when I get some answers,hopefully the surgeon I'm seeing next week will order all these tests and we can figure out what is going on.

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For goodness sake, turn your phone off for an hour or two & get some sleep lol!!!

Really, it sounds like you are under a ton of stress, so regardless of what's medically wrong with you, allowing yourself some time to rest is so, so important right now!

hug.gif and good news about exh
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