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When did TPR happen?

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If you have had a foster child TPR'd due to non-compliant parents or parents who have abandoned the child, when did it happen?  Did they wait the full year to TPR?  Can they do it earlier?  It just seems a little tedious to wait months and months when no parents are doing ANYTHING at all or are MIA.

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My son was not allowed to leave the hospital with bmom, at birth. He was in the hospital for about two weeks then released to a foster home for six days, then removed due to some issues in the FH and given to me at three weeks old. Apparently they called the bmom to set up visits etc but she was not interested in reunification. From what i can tell in the paperwork his permanancy goal was changed from RU to adoption at about six weeks of age, visits were suspended shortly after that (they werent occurring anyway) and TPR took place two days before he turned four months old. The bmom did have two other kids TPRd some years prior due to abuse. There was no named father.


Even with my two other kids who had heavily involved parents who never missed a visit, completed classes etc...goal was still changed to adoption before one year in care (my son it was only a couple months before it was officially changed, however he'd been "in care" for nearly a year, but with his father) and i think the TPR would have gone through before a year was totally up except the trial kept getting pushed back due to scheduling and whatever else and it ended up happening a few months after that.


I think in some places they really due just let that one year time clock run down, maybe to avoid grounds for appeal? And i've heard sometimes the younger the child the more quickly they will TPR since a year in the life of a one year old is much different than that of a ten or even five year old. But alot depends on the "climate" of your state or county or even from judge to judge.




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Our DD was TPR'd at 8 1/2 months, visits were going well but not other things. Visits continued almost to her first birthday and probably would have continued longer if mom had stayed around. She was adopted at 12 1/2 months.

Our other DD, they are going to review he case in 2 months, not sure what will happen but she will be over a year but has only been in care for 7 months now.

I think it is all case-dependent. The people running our foster cluster group their case dragged to almost three years before TPR, then adoption.

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My daughter has younger brother's in foster care. Their birth parents have never parented the babies and really aren't able to parent. TPR is scheduled for this week. The babies are about 11 months old.

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I think it may vary by age, and maybe even by state. They had to give so many months for dd bio mom to "get services" she never showed up to anything. TPR was finally done after a year. My other two kiddos have a sibling who foster parents are waiting for TPR they have had her since she was 5 months old, she turned a year in July , bio mom has done zero, has already had TRP on other kiddos, yet TPR is still not done on baby yet :(

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From what I've read it varies wildly from state to state!


Here in Ca. they generally terminate services to the parents at 6 months, tpr 3 months later, then the parents have 90 days to appeal tpr. Many do appeal but it usually doesn't affect the outcome at all, at least around here.

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Originally Posted by sagewinna View Post

From what I've read it varies wildly from state to state!


Here in Ca. they generally terminate services to the parents at 6 months, tpr 3 months later, then the parents have 90 days to appeal tpr. Many do appeal but it usually doesn't affect the outcome at all, at least around here.

With my most recent adoption, the birthparents appealed, which would have delayed the adoption by several months (if my agency had been on the ball enough to have all the adoption paperwork complete that is!), then the bdad further appealed (when the State Court of Appeals upheld the lower courts verdict) to the State Supreme Court, which delayed things a month or so more. They declined to hear the case. Luckily, here the appeals to not impact filing of adoption paperwork, only finalization. But it made a difficult process even more difficult. I think here they have 30 days to appeal...90 seems too long to me.


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It's way too long, especially since they can file on day 89! We are hoping the parents in our case will not, but our social worker said most do regardless of the circumstances...

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Wow... you are all talking way, way WAY faster timelines than I have ever seen in my home state--where it is standard operating procedure to let it tick to a year if the child is a newborn (and even then, 1 year is the "permanency review" where they change the goal--not even TPR) or 15mo if the child is older.  How long TPR takes beyond that depends completely on the county and how one their feet they are.  This is from both other fps in my former state and their stories (which, btw, never even ran that quickly) and the cps worker I was tight with (who told me what SOP was and agreed that it often took longer).


My daughter was a Safe Haven baby and we got her at 12 days old from the hospital.  In my state, TPR based on abandonment (for non-Safe Haven cases) is 4 months.  My daughters parents were not TPR'd until she was nearly 9mo.  We finalized 2 weeks before her first birthday in a case that should've never taken 6mo to finalize.


My former fd--who we got at 5 days, positive for methadone AND cocaine, just turned 4yo last month and is STILL not TPR'd, although it's finally coming.  I think more interestingly is that her father--who has never seen her--has not been TPR'd yet despite a judge finally ordering it to be done at least 18mo ago.  So I had her from birth to 10mo, she was RU'd with a longstanding drug addict (temporarily recovered) bm for 10mo, was removed again in another state to a new foster family and when she was removed--there were already grounds to TPR in that state.  She was 20mo.  That case went on for almost a year (mom up and got pregnant to complicate things and buy her time to find housing, job "nobody will hire a pregnant woman", etc.) although about 4mo into it, my husband and I (who got intervening status) filed TPR.  Then there were issues around whether we truly HAD intervenor status, etc. and in the meantime, that judge THREE TIMES ordered cps involved to file TPR on the dad... which they never did (although they did serve him by publication).  It all ended 3mo before her 3rd birthday with all of us agreeing on a shared guardianship plan where the fps there agreed to what is pretty much the rights of a divorced parent complete with a similar divorce agreement visitation schedule.  Before a year was up on that arrangement, mom relapsed AGAIN and my ffd and her new baby sibling both went to their guardians (the baby's is the biodad) and both of those parties filed for full guardianship with mom only getting supervised visitation (which was granted).  They have a court date to finalize those temp orders, and once that's done, they can file TPR and petition to adopt--at which point child will be 4-1/2 when the trial STARTS (for mom, really--dad isn't around to contest).  Given that mom is only able to see her child with supervision, I don't see why the court WOULD grant the TPR.

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In NC they have 30 days to appeal.

My current FD they keep talking they need to have the plan (reunification or TPR) finalized around one year which at that point she will only have been in care 9 months.

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