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Reccs for a VBAC CNM or OB?

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Can anyone give me an up to date recc on providers supporting VBAC in MA?  I'm not in interested in HB.  I've used WHA in the past and had good experiences but they're not terribly convenient to me now.  The c/s was due to previa and I've had a prior vaginal birth so I think I'm a good canidate.



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I used the midwives at Fallon, at St. Vincents for my VBAC, but that was in 2006.

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I'm guessing from your username that you're in the Worcester area...but I delivered using South Shore Midwifery and had a great experience.  I delivered at SSH but now they only deliver at Jordan Hospital.  My understanding is they require 2 heplocks, which is stupid but maybe you could decline that.

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Can anyone inform on other providers at St. Vincent's besides the MW @ Fallon?  Are their backup doctors consistently VBAC friendly? 


Who else does VBACs there?


The statistics show a decent number of VBACs there but I cannot figure out how to find who is doing them.

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