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GMD prefold sizing question

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So my giant enormous son hasn't fit his red-edge prefolds for a while now (although his older sister, 2 years old, still fits them-- she is long and skinny).  He just turned 1 years old.  He is 27 lb and 32 inches, big and tall.  I'm mostly worried about it fitting around his waist, because I have to use snappis (always messes up if I don't).  


Should I get the brown edge?  I'm worried he's going to outgrow those soon, too, or that they already won't fit him.  But the toddler/green edge just looks so enormous.  

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I'll measure my dd's waist when she wakes, but she is about 26lbs and 32in. I have to fold them down 1- 2 inches in the back, but I wouldnt want dd to get any bigger at the waist.

Hopefully your lo will slim down as an active toddler
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His waist will likely get smaller as he grows. Both my boys were really big too. My 8 month old is in brown edge. I remember with DS1, that the diapers seem too small, but then as he thins out, they fit better. DS1 was in brown edge at that age too, and he stayed in them until he potty trained at 22 months.

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You may want to look into imagine smartfit prefolds - they are wider and shorter than GMD's in general - sounds like maybe the blue edge might work best for you (Large). You can find at nickisdiapers.com - use the code "FIVE" for 5% discount (not much but it will help with shipping). I've used all 4 sizes with my LO - the blue are big on her (11 months 22 lbs) but I use them for overnights with some prefold doublers/snappi and wool. I typically use the yellow edge for day. They are quilty, soft, and absorbent. They are pretty economical too here is GMD vs imagine to compare

Cloth-eez® Large Brown edge (16.5"x20" when new) 14.5" wide x 17.75" long when fully shrunk. usually for babies 20 pounds and up, "Indian" cotton.


Large brown $35/dozen   $40/dozen organic  20-35 lbs 9-36 months 14.5x18 washed


- here is imagine info FYI organic is +$3 more:



15-30+ lbs

16.25"x19" unwashed

15.5"x17" washed





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