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Weekly chat thread 9/17-9/24

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Hi ladies! hope everyone is feeling an upswing in energy!  I am not there yet but on the way.  Looking forward to my next mw appt in two weeks. didn't hear the heart beat this time and she asked if my uterus was tipped.  I don't remember it being tipped w DS but it definitely shows when I am standing but not when I am lying down, is that normal?  It kind of seems like it tucks in and hides when I lie down.


My sister and BIL are visiting with my two nephews this weekend and it is all out fun!  I am enjoying it but it shows me just how little energy I have at some times!

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No additional energy for me yet.


It is normal for the uterus to "tuck in" a little, but also it is possible for the position of the uterus to vary at different points, so it is possible.


Enjoy the visit with family.

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No heartbeat for us either; our appt was at 9.5 weeks.  Pretty early, but I was crazy excited anyway.


My big issue right now is what I remember from my previous two pregnancies around this time-- I am so tired of thinking about food.  Here's the problem:  I either want something that is not immediately available, or I am disgusted by something that is.  What this leads to is a lot of cooking-- I get a hankering for something specific, and it sounds so wonderful that I make a HUGE batch of it.  And then I have to keep from gagging the next day when I think about the left overs in the fridge.  Thank goodness DH loves leftovers.  So far (and I am only 10 weeks along) this has happened with:


fried chicken

beef stew

potato leek soup

peach porkchops

homemade bread (generally, I can't stand bread this pregnancy, but this was an exception that is now going stale on the countertop)

breakfast burrito filling


I need to just start cooking in smaller batches.  ;)



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I like this uterus position talk. When I saw my FNP last week, I remembered that I do have a retroverted uterus. Maybe that is why I am not feeling my fundus yet? I am just 10 weeks.


Aletheia- I am with you on the food thing. I keep having to throw food away, which I HATE doing. But it just doesn't sound good anymore. Today we made and canned 12 qts of spaghetti sauce. I had an almost full 13th quart. We could have had that for supper. But there was no way I was going to eat spaghetti after smelling it all day. I put the sauce in the freezer and had a bacon sandwich for dinner. I cooked the bacon outside on a burner on the side of our grill so it didn't stink the house up!

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Aletheia and Mom2SammyJoe I hear you about the food hate too.  It's the primary way I know I'm still pregnant!  Wake up--do I hate food?  Yes?  OK good.  But it's horrible for coming up with any ideas to actually eat.  I'm really hoping I'm getting enough nutrients in and that I can make up for it down the line.  


My husband is paleo/primal, like, NO carbs except from veggies to control his Type II diabetes (which works for him!) but I can't STAND the idea of meat right now and veggies aren't real high on my list either.  I'm GFCF but have been eating some dairy with tons of digestive enzymes and tolerating it pretty well, just to get some more protein in.  Thankfully, DH is taking care of his meals and between the two of us we can keep DD in food, but I'm struggling with ideas for myself.  If I DO come up with something, it's like you all said--good for perhaps one meal and then I don't want to look at it again.  So I don't do a lot 'just for me' unless it's some kind of carry-out food.  And the smells...ugh.  I hope this passes soon--I'll be starting week 13 this Thurs. so really hoping there's a corner to turn soon (there wasn't with DD).

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Aletheia - Homemade bread! I wasn't yet making our bread during my last pregnancy so I found it very suprising that I couldn't stand the taste of my bread this time. I feel so strange buying it from the grocery store.

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I am so glad you guys are with me on the food thing.  That makes me feel less like a crazy person.  Allow me to tell you a story from my day?


We went to try a new church, and at the beginning of the service we found out the parish was having a potluck picnic directly afterwards.  I was excited to learn more about the church by talking to the parishioners, so I spent a lot of mental energy trying to make the smell of grilling hotdogs palatable.  By the end of Mass, I was more than ready to face The Hotdog Smell.  In fact, I was darn hungry, and had decided I didn't much care what it was I ate, I needed to eat.  I assumed my husband was on board with the whole deal, since we were looking at churches, we had a babysitter with the boys, and she was going to be with them for an hour after church so we could get something to eat.


So I dragged him through the "Ministry Fair" looking at the various activities of the church, and then started to head towards the food.  Turns out, DH had no intention of hanging around and eating.  Often he doesn't feel super social, but this was a surprise and as the priest invited us to stay, he said, "oh thanks, we'd love to, but we have to get home to relieve the babysitter." 




So we get in the car, and I remind him that the babysitter is at our house for another 40 mnutes until her dad picks her up.  I convince him to take me to a restaurant.  I am stark raving hungry, and a two egg breakfast with hashbrowns has been on my "ok list" this pregnancy. 


In the end, we end up FINALLY getting a table and then figuring out that there is no way that we can eat in the remaining 25 minutes before we need to be home.  I call the babysitter three times with no answer to try to arrange for taking her home late.  I call her mom with no answer.  And I realize that my husband has been afraid of talking sense about the time to me because he knows I am The Crazy Determined Pregnant Lady Who Needs Hashbrowns.  In the end, I am starting to cry at our table because I am looking at the menu and can't have the things I want because we don't have time and I have to order (sob) a PASTRY (gag!). 


Who am I?  Did I really have a mini-meltdown in public over hashbrowns?  You bet. 


(And then later that day I went grocery shopping without my wallet, which I discovered after they rang up my over $100 worth of groceries.)



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Lol, great story, and yes, I am that determined preggo too!  I really want some hashbrowns and have yet to find some decent ones in the neighborhood, where are some good southern hashbrowns in NY???  I want that, sausage, bacon, and eggs.  And...I have been a vegetarian for five years so it has been interesting to intensely crave meat...I am searching for a good philly steak and cheese right now for tomorrow's lunch!


Unfortunately, I have NO desire to cook.  Not a great way to be when I am all of a sudden starving, gagging, and just plain tired of not liking food but having to think about eating all the time!

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Aletheia, I'm with you. Earlier on I had "food panics." Episodes where I went from "a bit peckish" to "I will kill someone if they don't give me food right now" in about five minutes. It was so strange. 


We haven't been cooking much for a couple weeks. Pulling together things here and there and getting way too much take-out. This weekend I was determined to cook. I chose a couple highly spiced indian dishes and cooked them to my heart's content. I can't stand a regular piece of meat at the moment, but I'm extremely excited for curried, spiced, and spicy dishes. Yum!

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Originally Posted by RosieL View Post

Aletheia, I'm with you. Earlier on I had "food panics." Episodes where I went from "a bit peckish" to "I will kill someone if they don't give me food right now" in about five minutes. It was so strange.


OMG this is me!


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So far this pregnancy has been really hard for me food-wise. Nothing sounds good most of the time and even water has made me feel ill. Occasionally, something sounds good, like a caramel apple or a cheeseburger without onions but extra pickles, but the craving never lasts more than a couple days at most. I think I'm driving DH to distraction with him trying desperately to find me something that I will eat. Hopefully this will pass quickly for all of us and we can actually eat again without fear of ms taking over. 

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Hi All,

I'm still sleeping 15 hours a day, so no energy over here yet.  I'm so happy that DS is in school cause I wake up pack a lunch, send him on his way and crawl back into bed.  (He eats with DH before he goes to work)


As for the food thing I'm loving my mash potatos like a crazy person.  and I can't stand the smell of onions (which is NOT normal for me).  I can eat them as long as I can't smell them.  Example A:  We went out to dinner with friends and I ordered the perogies (Which I LOVE!!!) and I forgot they came with onions.  well the cook apparently was being nice and gave me an extra heaping pile of them.  When the server put the plate infront of me I almost tossed my cookies right there.  I closed my eyes and took deep breaths through my mouth hoping for the best.  DH looked over and thank goodness figured out the problem and removed the onions to somewhere else where I couldn't smell them anymore.  The rest of dinner was awesome though.  It's weird how some things I like can be like the devil!


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Bela--have you tried putting some lemon in your water or making weak iced mint tea instead? Regular water tastes gross to me, but a little flavoring helps a lot!

Aletheia--Oh, no! I'm so sorry to hear about hte food breakdown--I always plan ahead for eating since I turn into a crazy, raging pile of hormones if I don't eat regularly even when I'm not pregnant. My wife has learned to just feed me frequently and not argue when I say I want food.

My specific cravings seem to be easing up and now I want weird things for a short period of time (pudding! toaster strudel! SUGAR!) which is weird because I couldn't eat sugar at all before. Oh well, so much for my cottage cheese and veggie pregnancy. I also can't eat very much--I got a nice skillet for breakfast yesterday that came with two little pancakes--I ate those first (sugar!) and then could only eat about 6 bites of the skillet itself. greensad.gif Not much more energy, alas, although I feel like it's on it's way. At least I hope so. We had a bunch of ladies with little babies over to our house yesterday and I noticed that whenever their babies started crying to be nursed my nipples started hurting. It was very strange--I wonder if they were practicing their let down response. Nice to hold so many little ones, though, and see what I have to look forward to!
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I'm having an aversion to sugar as well which is VERY strange for me as I have a terrible sweet tooth.  I must say though that I have been craving those reeses peanut butter pumpkins the last couple of days.  I actually sent DH out to the drugstore after dinner last night to get me one =)  Carbs seem to be doing well with me lately.  I feel like my MS is subsiding but still not completely gone and I feel full very quickly.  We are almost out of the first trimester, thank goodness!  I have my first midwife appt. tomorrow, I'm looking forward to hearing this little one again.  

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I hate complaining, because I know it could be so much worse, but I'm so sick of feeling crappy.  I haven't puked at all, but I just constantly feel gross, and NOTHING tastes good, so I end up eating crap most of the time.  My DH just lost 50 lbs, so I'm feeling guilty for eating so terribly, because he inevitable does the same.  I wish I had the energy and will power to do better, but I just can't right now. 


On a better note, I do feel energy coming back. I spent Saturday hauling, saddling and riding horses.  I took out my parents, DH and four friends for a day long trail ride, and I was surprised that I was still sitting by the end of it.  I guess getting out and doing something helps, but it's just so hard most mornings.  The funniest part was, I got off at the end and my hips really hurt.  My hips have never hurt while riding, and I've done it my whole life.  I was trying to figure out what I did wrong, like if my stirrups were too short, or my saddle was off center.  Finally it dawned on me that it's just my joints loosening up for birth, and stretching out on a horse all day just made it bad. I almost forgot I was pregnant for the day. 


I have my first MW appointment on Wednesday, after which, if all is well, I'm going to go public.  I think I'll just put it on my blog and let it spread.  I'm not much into FB announcements, but maybe I'll link to my blog there and then people who would bother looking at it will do so.  This weekend I must have been showing more than I think, because I went to a party at my church and of the 100+ people I knew there, many of the women pulled the, "So... how's it going?" While glancing at my stomach. But, three Haitian women who are part of my congregation all came up to me and without hesitation put their hands on my belly and said, "Oh, you're having a baby!"  Usually I don't like people touching my belly, but it was so genuine, and actually nice for them to not be all sneaky about it, I didn't mind.  I mean really, who goes from a size 4 to a size 8 in 4 weeks?  You could just ask, or keep your mouth shut!  I'm ready to let people know, so I can stop feeling fat, and start feeling pregnant.

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Here things are going decently.  I'm in the thick of fatigue and hormonal mood swings and it's so hard to get things done and calm myself down before I fly off the handle over dumb things, like my husband not taking the trash out today.  I thought he forgot, but turns out he just had to leave earlier than usual for work.  Otherwise just some general nausea with some moments of feeling even more sick, but haven't thrown up yet thankfully. 


I can't wait for second trimester.



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I am TIRED all the time.  Yawned as I typed that, lol.  Will be 10 weeks on Wednesday. 


PrettyLisa - I'm w/ you on the sugar thing.  I'm not too surprised as I have a bad sweet tooth, but can't beleive how bad it is. Yesterday was my birthday, and I ate 2 pieces of cake and 2 servings of ice cream...and bought caramel apples, but didn't eat them b/c I didn't want to really over-do it, lol.  Apples are good for you, though, right?


Altheia - I have not had a meltdown yet, DH has been pretty accomodating, but I know one will happen eventually, lol.  I have been wanting Coke to drink, and we got some caffeine-free Coke this weekend...yum!  I'm craving some, now, but I can't leave work to run to the store.  :(


DD wanted to help me fold the baby clothes we bought at a garage sale, and she got frustrated, and said, "this is too little, I can't figure out how to fold this!"  and threw it back on the bed, LOL!!

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Don't kill me...but for those w/ the sweet tooth, here are my friend's Oreo Truffles Recipe...AWESOME!  I freeze the balled-up centers before dipping in chocolate to help them hold shape a little better.  yummy.gif  eat.gif  yummy.gif


1 package of Oreos ( I use double stuffed)

1 block of cream cheese

2 packages milk chocolate chips



*put the whole package of Oreos in a food processor and crumble. Take out a few tablespoons of crumbs to use to sprinkle on the truffles.

*add the block of cream cheese and continue to blend until well mixed.

*roll the cream cheese/Oreo mixture into small balls and then dip them into the melted chocolate chips and then set them on wax paper to set up, *sprinkle a little bit of the reserved Oreo crumbs on each of the truffles.

*Let them harden (I usually put them on a cookie sheet in the fridge) ENJOY!

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Well, wound up with a sore throat yesterday that's sticking around...DD has her 1st cold of the season so I'm not surprised, just bummed--I don't think I was sick at all last pg, I mean, virus-type sick.  Interestingly, vomiting does NOT help a sore throat feel better (how am I supposed to eat regularly with food aversion + swallowing pain?)  


The constant movie I play in my mind of food options, trying to find something palatable, is what I hated most about last pg too.  Just thinking about food is enough to make me puke and strangely, I've been puking WAY more since hitting 12 weeks than before.  Gah!  I think I need to get back to the acupuncturist--that seemed to help so much.


Since cutting out gluten 2 years ago my life-long sweet tooth has been gone but now it's turned into sugar aversion.  I actually wish something sweet sounded good!!  (Who am I kidding, I wish ANYTHING sounded good).


When we were traveling recently we were around In-n-out Burger and though I normally can't stand the idea of meat I downed a double double (wrapped in lettuce since I'm GF) with extra pickles and was STILL hungry...but had so much energy that trip!  How I wish we had In-n-Out here (but don't even want to think about what meat quality that probably was).  Mmmm...so SOMETHING sounds decent after all ;-)

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I'm almost 12 weeks & I'm just tired of the almost constant icky feeling. My digestion is moving VERY slow & it just makes me feel worse. I'm upping my dosage of magnesium citrate to 3 an evening. I hope it gets things moving earlier in the day. Ugh. Sorry if it's TMI, but my digestion is just wacky this pregnancy.

My energy is improving some, that's not saying much. I was working out about 3X a week until about a month ago. Between feeling icky & a busted toe, my workouts have been limited, so my endurance has just gone to hell. I just keep chugging along hoping it will get better.

Yep. This is definitely the cranky part of pregnancy....

And all this feeling shitty & being cranky just reinforces that this our last child. I'm too old for this....


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