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Funny, I am a Jennifer from the 70's and I've never seen Love Story or knew it was connected to my name. So maybe the parents will associated Esme with Twilight but her peers won't. I do think Esme is trendy now, but I think it started a bit before Twilight since all these other old fashion names became popular in the last few years. I think it is a pretty name and you should just go for it if you like it. FWIW, my mom SWEARS she didn' tknow any Jennifers until after she named me. You never know how popular your child's name will get or what new show will come out after they are born. I like the name Dora, and I feel sorry for all those LO's named Dora before the show came out. They must never be able to escape the theme song. . . . but Diegos don't seem to get teased as much.