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Who else hasn't "gone public" yet?

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We've told a few folks, but no family (including our boys, 5 and 3.)  We aim to wait until 12 weeks, when we will be visiting my mom.  That's only two weeks away, but I want a celebration now!  I am tired of feeling tired, sick, and bloaty.  I want to break out some cute maternity clothes and start receiving congratulations. 


And misery loves company!  ;)  Who else is biding their time?  How are you celebrating by yourself?

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im only 8 weeks. iv told my mother (were very close) and 2 friends who were ttc the same time as me (an already have 3 month olds *sigh*). but thats it. 


were getting an ultrasound next week, at 9 weeks, at that point ill tell my dad, and the kids- 3 and 4 yrs old-. they may tell a few people, but we wont yet. ;)  we'll make it Facebook Official when im 12 weeks. 

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Here either.  11 weeks today, and we've only told my parents and my best friend.  Next will be the rest of the family and DH's work, and we'll let my family spread the news...


This pg feels less "real" for some reason, especially now that the morning sickness seems to have passed.  Probably b/c DD takes up so much of my time/energy.  I am celebrating, but its much more contained than I thought it would be.  I think when I start showing for real it will feel more real.

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I'm just over 8 weeks and we've told a few close friends who live far away because I happened to see them in person last week. But we haven't told my parents or any family yet because we live on the other side of the world from them and we just happen to be going over to California for a visit next week. So we'll be able to tell them in person!  It's been very difficult not sharing it with them but there's only a few more days so I think I can handle it. I also feel like it's not quite 'real' yet, even though I have definitely been having symptoms (already had to buy new bras, 'enjoying' ms without the puking until today when I had my first empty-stomach dry heave, feeling utterly exhausted and unable to get things done)....  I'm not planning to get ultrasounds so I have serious episodes of worrying that I'm not actually pregnant any more, so I am realllllyyy looking forward to reaching 12 weeks and breathing a huge sigh of relief.   DH and I are very excited, and it was great to share with our friends who are also expecting, but I can't wait to be with my family and experience their excitement and hopefully pampering of their only daughter who is pregnant for the first time!

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I am 10 weeks. We told the kids and our families this week. I am just going to let the news leak out, and with MIL, that shouldn't be a problem. We won't be in church the next two Sundays, so by the time I face a huge group of people again, I will be 12 weeks and glad to share.


I'm with you justKate. MS is over and I am not really showing, just chubby. Now that we have shared our news I worry that we shouldn't have.

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An out of state friend knows, my mom knows, and my sister just caught on yesterday. Other than that, we'll wait for everyone else to catch on too.

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I've only told my best friend who lives across the country, a neighbor with a child DD's age, and my hairdresser (who I see more than some of my friends!) because I wanted to postpone any hair color until later (if at all...paranoid).  We're trying to wait until the beginning of 2nd trimester, wk 13 (which would only be this coming Thursday) to let loose.  Our daughter has known since week 6.  All our family lives way out of state...it's complicated but we can't tell DH's family before 2nd trimester--they're very high need emotionally and if something were to happen, they'd be mad at us for telling them 'too early' (though I have no reason to be overly cautious) and we'd end up dealing with helping THEM cope if something did happen.  Sigh.  And DD, at 6, was able to keep things under wraps during our visit last week--she's amazing.  I'd love to tell my grandfather as he isn't getting any younger but as soon as we tell him, he'll happily spread the news and DD considers it her job (which we love!) to spread the news herself.  But she doesn't understand why we might want to tell my family first before we tell DH's family so for now, EVERYONE gets to wait.


Then DD decided she wanted to tell my mom in person and have that be the first person--but she won't be visiting until mid October...OMG--I cannot wait that long!!  DD actually wrote out a list of who she wanted to tell in which order and the little comedienne thinks it would be SO funny to not tell some people until AFTER the baby is born and surprise them with a picture--?!?!  Maybe she figures if we've already waited THIS long... (which to her must seem like a year!)  I do understand about phone calls and Skype being rather impersonal, but we don't really have many options with everyone spread far and wide.  DH needs to tell people at work at SOME point but I don't think he's in any rush--he wants to make sure they don't penalize him with next year's schedule which they're working out right now.  And if he tells any of his friends via FB or twitter, everyone at work will find out.


For now, it's still our 'little' secret though I'm dying to be out with it!!!!!  At least we're cutting down on the time people will have for intrusive questions/comments (which I'm anticipating due to the 6+ yr age spacing between this pg and DD).

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We haven't really told anyone. I *had* to tell one of my best friends because we trade reflexology treatments and I didn't want her pressing on any of the wrong reflexes. I usually play a competitive sport and practise started again two weeks ago. Usually if one of the regulars doesn't show, the pregnancy rumours begin. A friend who plays said everyone has been asking but I am playing dumb and just saying that I don't want to play this year. 


I am almost ten weeks and feel like it's really obvious but I guess it actually isn't. I will wait another 3 or so weeks and then tell family (they all live overseas).


Looking forward to maternity t-shirts :-). I had a week 17 loss last year so I am happy to wait as long as possible to tell people, including my kids. But it's not the kind of thing you can keep secret forever......


Glad to hear I am not the only one who hasn't spilled the beans. 

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Yeah, the only public person who knows is a good friend who also is an LJ friend.  I am 8w, and planning to go public when I am 13w.  Our best couple friend is getting married and I am designing/making a dress so that I look a little bit pregnant instead of a little bit plump.


I also realize from last time that when I thought I looked PG, I objectively didn't.  It's just hard for me b/c I don't usually gain weight in the abdominal area, more like everywhere else.  If we didn't have this wedding, I'd probably keep it a secret longer.  For some reason, DH and I just like it being our little secret.

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Chap - How nice that you get to tell family in person! We waited a long time before telling the in-laws partially for that reason. When we visited at 9.5 weeks and told them it was wonderful. All the love and support was tangible. :)

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 We finally told all of our kids Saturday. The little boys don't really comprehend and my dd and her dh were shocked.


We'll call our parents today and then we'll make it Facebook official this week sometime. I'm really dreading the call to my mom because I know she'll worry about me.

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I will be 12 weeks on Thursday, and we have been very slowly going public.  There were a few friends who knew that we were TTC because we needed some support through all of our fertility treatments.  Those friends found out right away.  We also told DP's family quickly because we knew they'd be thrilled.  The news has slowly leaked out to other close friends, and we just told my family.  (We waited because we knew they probably wouldn't be thrilled immediately, but they actually took it relatively well.)  


We haven't gone super public (like Facebook) because I'm not sure if I'm ready for the resulting barrage of attention.  I think most people will be happy, but some will be confused and others (like extended family who are FB friends) don't like then idea of queer couples raising children.  Actually, they just don't like queers at all irked.gif.   I'm also not really sure how it's going to go when I tell my work, though we can't delay the inevitable forever as I officially broke out some maternity pants today!  I'll be happy when the rest of the telling is done, but I am so scared of negative reactions right now.  We are so happy to be pregnant that I would probably lose it on the first person to say something mean.  

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My husband and I have each told one friend and my sister. I will be 9 weeks tomorrow. I am going to wait as long as possible to tell my DD. She is 11 and worries about everything. I have an appointment this afternoon and if all goes well I will probably tell my Dad today since he will be visiting. I thought it would be hard not telling people but now I kind of like it. The way my belly is bloated we won't be able to keep it to ourselves much longer.  smile.gif

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Originally Posted by Itsasecret View Post

 We finally told all of our kids Saturday. The little boys don't really comprehend and my dd and her dh were shocked.


I hope your DD is okay with it.  I'm sure its a lot for her to take in right now.... hug2.gif

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I hope your DD is okay with it.  I'm sure its a lot for her to take in right now.... hug2.gif

Oh, yeah, she's happy. She worried about her baby being an 'only' for awhile (they're both going to school full time in the Spring and may postpone siblings until after graduation). She took some comfort in him having an uncle 21 mos older, but now he'll have an uncle younger, too. So, we really took the pressure of siblings off of them ; )


I just called my mom. I told her I had good news and didn't give her time to say anything too negative. She is really worried and said she will pray fervently for my health. She reiterated how precious all of my children are to her, and that's she's just worried about me. She's so sweet - I can't wait for her visit next month!


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I haven't gone Facebook public yet, but our families and a few close friends know.....and probably our entire town of 4200 people because my husband has a HUGE mouth and couldn't keep it to himself! I'll probably come out Facebook-wise in a week or so.
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 OMG. We were totally outed in public today. My dh is best friends with his boss. He told him this morning. They had a family luncheon at work today and I whispered to boss's wife, "Did your husband tell you our good news?" He hadn't, so I whispered it into her ear.  Squeals and hugs, fine. About ten minutes later, with everyone sitting around the lunch room, she loudly asks, "So, when is your precious bundle due?" All eyes swivel onto me. Ummm, I said, "Well, that's one way to make the announcement!" I was beet red and she was horrified. It was pretty funny.


My dd, her dh and our new grandson were all there, too. I think that made it even more funny.


It might have been the best announcement we've had so far!


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We are hush hush too.  We have not told family or our other 3 kids.  First, it was "until we got over the shock"...then it was "wait until we got through a long hospital stay with our two youngest" (they have some special health issues)....then we had a sono at 6 weeks that showed 2....now it is "wait until next Monday to see if both stuck".  My guess is, if there is only one that made it, we will tell right away.  If there are two, we will likely then go back to the first "until we get over the shock" :)

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