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yaaaaa I'm a dad.

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     Well I'm new here and very excited that my son was born the other day. I came here looking for data and to network and gain more resources as far as information sharing ( I will pick your brains muhahahaha... so be prepared).  I found that a lot of doctors (not all) have taken a "my way or the highway" approach toward treatment. I am very active in the research process for taking care of me my wife and for my baby and wont be bullied. I very much respect the amount of training doctors do though and am in no way ready to take the role as my babies doctor.


I love being a dad and cant wait for all of the cool things that await me as my son learns about the world around him.


I do have a lot of experience taking care of kids because of my large family so while I am a new dad i will prolly be able to help others on this site with information new dads rarely have.


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Congratulations on the birth of your son and Welcome.gif

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Congrats on ur new addition n welcome.
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