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Still Cramping?

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So, I'm pretty sure this is normal...at least for me, but is anyone else still experiencing some fairly hardcore cramping? I should be exactly 5 weeks, and the cramping has been a continuous thing all week...particularly at night or after sex. 


Now, I had this with my son. It was the primary symptom that made me test, and led to all sorts of blood testing, a hospital experience that was ridiculously unnecessary, and an OB visit where the doctor basically assured me that I was in the process of miscarrying, and there was nothing to be done about it. *sigh* obviously, that was all unnecessary and untrue. 


So, I'm *pretty* sure I was still crampy at this point in my son's pregnancy...and I definitely remember waking up in the night to cramping very distinctively, so I'm guessing this is still within normal range. But, just wondering if anyone else has this, or if they did, when did it go away? I'm guessing at 6 weeks?

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I'm at almost 8 weeks now and I was definitely still cramping at 5. It's gone down a lot in the last couple weeks. If I do get crampy now, it's almost always because of gas.


When I was getting more consistent cramps (up until week six), they were way worse at night or after sex; I would go to bed at night curled up with a pillow to my abdomen. I'm really sorry to hear that you had to go through that with your first pregnancy :( Every midwife I asked about it said that it wasn't concerning as long as there was no spotting with it.

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I am typically pretty crampy for a while.  I don' t remember exactly how long, maye 8 to 10 weeks.


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thanks so much for the replies! Always relieving to know there are others who've experienced the same! 


Yes, lately at night, it's gotten much worse and I find myself curling up with a pillow...for some reason that seems to alleviate it?? lol...magical pillow powers I guess. 

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I am 6 weeks, and last week I had some cramping -- it was most intense when I was laying down and then suddenly got up (like, when I jumped up from the couch to answer the door). The past few days it hasn't been as bad. I remember cramping after sex with my last pregnancy...this time, I haven't had sex since I got my BFP... I know it might sound kind of silly, but I'm so worried about miscarriage, I am not letting anyone down there - not the midwife, not hubby - until 12 weeks. orngtongue.gif 


When I asked about it, the midwife assured me that cramping was normal, though. 

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I never had any cramping with any of my 4 prior pregnancies (2 of them were miscarriages, 2 my kiddos at home). But with this one, I had tons of cramping and it freaked me out! It started as soon as I got the BFP, so before 4 weeks even. It was strong, menstrual-like cramps in my belly and my lower back.  They lessoned considerably by 5 weeks and I'm now 6 weeks today and I didn't have any this prior week.  

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Yes, it's normal, but that doesn't mean it's not scary! I hate it! The cramping for me lasted a bit longer than five weeks.  I'm just now seven weeks and I don't think I've had any cramping for a week or more now.

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Cramping has been one of my main symptoms and still continues now, at 6 weeks.  I am like Meredith in that it is worse if I get up suddenly, I thought that was weird but am relieved to hear someone else had this, also!

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it is always bad for me if i am dehydrated, even a little.


and, also one of the reasons i tested.  i always have implantation cramping, and i woke up feeling it one night, and did a little math.  hmmm, i thought, i bet im pregnant!

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Oops, just saw this thread and I started one almost exactly like it. It's reassuring to hear all your stories, though I'd rather we were all much more comfortable!

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I had awful period-like cramping from about 10 or 11 dpo until last week (i am about 6 weeks). a bit this week, but not as much.  if you google "cramping in early pg" or something to that effect (as i did) you will see it is quite normal.  Unless there is bleeding, it is the uterus getting ready, or "woken up" as I like to think of it :)

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