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Charleston Area insight please!

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Hi!  We are relocating from the Seattle area of WA state to the Charleston area of SC.  I have a 3.5 year old girl and a 7 month old girl.  I am looking for any insight you can give to to neighborhoods, schools, preschools and areas.


I am active in LLL here and plan to be when we relocate as well.  I also am a MOMS club member and will be in Charleston as well.

We are headed to Charleston next week for a house hunting trip.  What should we look for?  Where should we look?  Are some areas more family friendly?  I think I *may* be considered kind of 'crunchy', lol...even though I don't think of myself that way.  Are there 'crunchy' neighborhoods?




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I just saw your post.  We live in Mt Pleasant.  It is kid friendly.  My daughter went to a great pre-school at Creative Sparks.  We do have Whole Foods and a new Trader Joes.  If you come to this area you will see lots of road construction going on.  A crunchier area, IMHO, is West Ashley near Earth Fare (a great place for organics and healthy food).  I think the region is Avondale.  It is a much more established area where Mt Pleasant is a young growing community.  Hope that your house hunting is going well.  I do know that nice rentals are hard to come by right now due to the influx of Boeing employees.  If you are part of that influx, please ask questions about the traffic.  I imagine it is easier to get to/from Boeing from Mt Pleasant, Daniel Island area than Summerville area.

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