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this is new...please share experience...updated!

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I am 40w6d and just wake up to a gush of water. This is so new to me...I thought that like barely happens where the first thing to happen is your water breaking. So i thought, okay maybe I peed, But it def. wasn't pee. But I am not feeling contractions or anything for that matter. I should be excited and relaxed because something is starting but this is sooo not what i expected it is kinda throwing me for a loop. Ah, glorious birth, you can't plan it or know exactly how it will be. I just need a little reassurance.

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It's been about 4 hours since you posted, any changes? I know for me  when I was induced with DS1 my water breaking is what really got things going. Thinking of you and hoping you'll be holding that beautiful newborn of yours soon.

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No real changes...??? Praying for something to start up. drinking lots of water to stay hydrated and paying attention to babies movement. Trying to relax and not only focus on "what in the world is going on...why am I not in active labor???"

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Hi there. Both times my labor began naturally, it began with my water breaking in a big gush. Once when I got out of bed to pee and another time when I was sitting at the computer typing something. Really cinematic gushes, both times. Statistically it seems to be a little uncommon, but I don't think it's anything to worry about. And if it's any consolation, the first time this happened it was another 30 hours before my dc was born (and a good 12 before contractions really kicked in, I just had the littlest ones that whole day).


Many docs worry about infection after water has broken and so put you on a clock, but many also feel that as long as nothing goes up there, i.e., no sex, tampons (duh), or baths ... or internal checks by the doctor him/herself!), the risk of infection is pretty low.


Call your care provider and see what they say, but congratulations, it sounds like something is under way!

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It sounds like your water broke and it can take a while for labor to kick in. As long as all looks fine (and I am late posting, so maybe you have had baby by now) then take a shower to get ready for the day, try to rest, or go for a walk to see if you can get things going. Very exciting!

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This happened to me last time. My water broke in a gush at night and I didn't have any contractions or anything for 48 hours and then labor started and was over in 5 hours. 


I tried to relax and get some rest the first day since I kept thinking I was going to have a baby. The second day I went to the mall and bought a baby outfit and walked. That night I did some herbs from my midwife and finally started pumping for some nipple stimulation and that combination seemed to do the trick. 


I would take some vitamin C, garlic, stay hydrated. You do want to help your body out by not being too stressed out and the vit C and garlic can help boost your immune system. Monitor movement of the baby too. Everything is probably just fine and you will do great!!


If you are having a hospital birth, be prepared to be put on IV antibiotics and for them to worry about GBS infection of the baby even if you do get the antibiotics. If you are staying home, then relax and know that baby is coming soon!!! 

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DDCC here.  If it was a huge gush and you still feel trickles as you go about your day, it could be your water breaking.  Two of my labors had a smaller gush that I thought was my water breaking but was a "high leak" or a gush that wasn't the whole bag but between the two bag of waters membrane.  All of that is to say that it could be amniotic fluid and your bag of waters still may be intact.  My labor started about 16 hours later and my water broke well into my labor. 

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My third began that way. I stood up from laying down with my 2yo at bedtime, and right at the bedroom doorway a huge gush spashed all over. Labor didn't begin right away, but soon after.

With this baby, water didn't break until right as the head came. In my opinion, labor was much easier when the water had broken ahead of time. It was very uncomfortable this time, with a LOT of pressure until the water finally broke.

I hope all goes wonderfully for you!

Yes, drink plenty of water. :)

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hope you're holding your babe by now!  :)



About 10-15% of women start labor with their water breaking, so while it's not super common, it's not totally odd either!  Contractions usually start within about 12 hours of the water breaking, but traditionally care providers haven't been too worried with up to 24 hours of no contractions as long as the babe is moving nicely and mom feels ok (no fever, that sort of thing).  However, once the water is broken, the risk of infection does go up and there can be complications with the babe's cord so it's important to pay attention to your body/your babe and let your care provider know what is going on.


With my first babe my water broke (while making breakfast!) a solid day before contractions began... my provider wasn't worried, though she asked me to take my temp every hour after the first 12 hours.  That birth didn't go as planned and I later learned that the water breaking and contractions not beginning for a long time can be a sign that the babe is in a funky position... you may want to make sure you're realxing in positions that encourage babe to stay anterior and lined up!


With my second birth my water broke (rolled over in bed and ploosh!) but contractions began within a few hours.  With my third I had regular but non-progressive contractions for a week before I finally agreed to an AROM... ds was born 4 hours later.  So I think maybe my body really doesn't know what to do if my membranes are intact!  I guess I'll find out... I'm at 42 weeks now, and I've been having regular, non-progressive contractions for a day or two.  I'm kind of curious to see if/when my water breaks this time!



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Same here. Water started leaking at 8:30 am, I rolled over in bed and felt a trickle and I knew what it was instantly. It continued leaking for hours, not very pleasant. Contractions started at 4:30 pm but labor didn't actually start until 3pm the next day. Once it started though it was intense and fast, she was born 6 hours later. My contractions during early labor were fairly strong, enough to keep me from sleeping a whole lot, so by the time she was born 35 hours later I was exhausted, and the midwife had given me a shot of gravol, it helped but not a lot.
Hopefully you're getting some rest and that baby will be here soon.
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Thats how labor started with my last.... I didn't have even a small contraction until about 26 hours after my water broke... everything went beautifully too... :)


Good luck to you!

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River Ann was born Monday Sept. 19 at 5:27 pm. It was a long birth but a perfect one! I am going to sit down tonight and try and write out all that I remember and I can't wait to get my timeline from my doula. It was like almost 36 hours of working through contractions so its hard to remember what happened when! I think the kicker moment of my birth was when we loaded up in the van to go to the hospital thinking I was getting close to transition ( I was at 6cm when we got to the hospital) and as we drove down the road we heard something fall off the roof of the car. Husband, Sister, and Doula all knew what it was, but I didn't. It wasn't until we got to the hospital and I asked for my hypnobabies that my husband had to tell me that is what had fallen off the car. I still had like 13 hours of hard work to do. She was born perfectly healthy, 8lbs 3oz, 21 inches! river's Birth 244.jpg

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Congratulations!   Beautiful family.

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Congratulations! love.gif

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Congrats!!! You all look so happy!
You were lucky, I was already in transition by the time they put me in the car, and it was rush hour, worst car ride ever! I was 7 cm when we left and my midwife suspects I was fully dilated by the time we got there, if not sooner.
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